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The past two years have been difficult for our business. Firstly, following the competitive environment, the profits have been down. This has led to a policy in which the employee wages were frozen. This has contributed to decrease of employee morale. Nevertheless, the employees sustained their dedication to the company. Their commitment has been so pronounced that they do not only work for extra hours, but also made personal sacrifices. This illustrated by the fact that they gave out office supplies for the sake of the company. The second problem has been that the copier machine is constantly breaking down. Presently, we are considering replacing the machine for over $2,000.


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Although, the machine has been having major problems, it may not be a wise idea to replace it at such an exorbitant cost. This is because of several reasons. First of all, following the financial slowdown of the company in the last two years, such a cost would strain the company’s financial status. Secondly, this is likely to attract negative reaction or even resistance of the part of employees from other departments. Their reaction would be based on the fact that their wages had been frozen for the past two years.

I am aware of the company’s need for a reliable copier machine. But this is not the only problem that the company has. To this end, I propose that instead of buying a new copier machine for over $2,000, you should consider repairing it for at most $2,000. The rest of the money would be used to increase the employees’ wages. This would boost the productivity of the company more than a replacement of the copier would achieve. Also, there will  be any form of resistance from the workers; they will feel that their dedication is not taken for granted.

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