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Teamwork is the key to successes. Though, people should not mix group and team as they are different social units. Team members collaborate on a regular basis whereas group members can meet once and never see each other after. The reason is that it takes time and thorough work to develop the team. During our life we participate in different teams. Usually each team has its own rules and traditions, which can be transmitted from generation to generation (e.g. baseball team, or even a family as a single entity) or occur as a result of newly formed values which give the possibility to look at the situation from new perspective. Therefore, to organize a flourishing teamwork it is necessary to know all the vital steps that one needs to take in order to take advantage of the cooperation.

There are four main phases in team development. After forming the team, it is important to go through the phase of storming. When talking about the first phase, it is fraught with positive emotions and great expectations. On the contrary, during the storming phase people start to feel anger, frustration and even hatred. The main task of a team leader is to settle the conflict. When everything calms down, the team moves through the third phase know as norming and is ready then for the last one, which is performing. At the last stage, team members are ready to fulfill everything what they were thinking about at the beginning of their collaboration. Each of these phases plays an important role in teamwork. Moreover, every member of the team benefits at each stage of development.

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Talking about benefits, I personally have gained few from working in a team. The first benefit is getting skills when learning from people who surround us. Apart from each other we know much, but together we know much more. During the teamwork we learn to share our knowledge. Experience which each team member brings in their team is unique, as well as wisdom. The second advantage of working in the team is support, which you receive at each stage. People who managed to go through the storming phase know the strengths and weaknesses of one another. For instance, one can be a role model during the phase of storming, while the other can show better performance during the norming. The third superiority is synergy that provides work in team, when power of two or more elements is stronger then the sum of these on their own. To achieve synergy every member should contribute to the development of the team and particularly the project.

Teamwork helps generally to find out what I can do, what I should learn and whom I can ask. In the team everyone has their field of work and responsibilities. The responsibility for the outcomes, which will influence the whole project, makes you move, discover, think out of the box and get out of the comfort zone. It helps to overcome hard times, laziness and put thoughts into actions through implementation.

It is a foregone conclusion that taking all the mentioned steps will help to organize a good teamwork and in the future get benefits from it. I believe that working in a team will help me to develop personally and professionally. Moreover, it will give me the possibility to generate ideas, which can be implemented later. Furthermore, I know that whenever I have dark days or am close to despair, the team will help me to accumulate energy to move forward. Nevertheless it is not necessary for me to be a role model, I would like to know that my deeds somehow positively influenced people’s lives.

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