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There   exist latent vulnerabilities to the today’s worldwide aviation systems. There might be no definite threats   reported but we must acknowledge the existence of the global   apprehension based on the previous undertakings where the aviation sector has always witnessed some attacks   ranging in the form of hijackings not forgetting the   bombings in the flight and the surface-to-air missile. An example at hand is when the authorities from the Saudi Arabian   bureau detained 172 alleged terrorists around April 2007. This was after the authorities detected that the terrorist were planning   a plot to commandeer a number of airplanes so that they could fly them into the rich oil fields characterized in the country and other very vital roads and rail network targets in the country (Biggs, 2009).

In the United States the law enforcement agents thwarted a very planned dangerous detonation of a series of bombs on not less than 10 of their local lines in around the year 2006 which were on there way from London. The U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff alleged that the suspects had planned extensively to smuggle a some undersized quantity of home produced liquid explosives in the sense of masquerading as sports drinks.  In the case hey launched a successful attack, several lives could have been lost and resulting again to a very damaging effects on the natural economy due tom the result that the international image on the airlines could have been dented immensely thus making the international community lose faith in the security measure in the transport system.  The provident   arrests in Pakistan led by the United Kingdom (UK) and US bureaucrats to a British Muslim terrorist cell led to a disruption in the attack on American marks. This led to the Airports in the United States and the UK being put under red alert with the view that a potential attack could be in the offing and led to a ban on liquids being carried on luggage while boarding their transport systems.   Moreover, a given chunks of suspects were interrogated together with 24 British-born Muslims and seven Pakistanis (Feilden & Wickens, 1995).   The Government authorities had to carry out efficient tests on the explosive liquids and came up with a strategy on a three ounce liquid maximum value to be carried among the items to do away with the probable risk. The strategy is still being practiced to date where the passengers are still being limited in the line of liquids aboard and the rules are projected to remain in place perpetually.

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Due to these failed attempts to launch concurrent dangerous attacks on commercial aircraft, the U.S. airports therefore remained on the look for virtually one year. therefore when the officials exposed an Arabic language video clip showing on the Internet somewhere around October 2007 showing  how a remote controlled car could be changed into a very dangerous explosive bomb, the country wide security agents beefed up there inspection on the traveling passengers who were carrying the remote controlled toys on the airplanes. It should therefore be noted here that even a very stiffer security measures will be taken in the line of scrutinizing what the passengers are really carrying at a given specific time of their traveling given that virtually all items the passengers carry on the plane pose a potential risk factor to be used in a terror plot. This aspect of inventiveness and novelty is the characteristic of a large amount of the deadly terrorist gangs (Kathleen, 2008). 

Other forms of Attacks which are yet to occur and for which can occur when there is a very weak preparation on the same might occur in the line of using the aircraft’s in-flight oxygen transmission arrangement to be used in infecting the travelers and crew by an additional type of susceptibility is seen in the form of the current aviation environment.  This everyday increasing in demand and usage of the airplanes has seen: the amount of airplanes flying at a given time in the air carrying passengers and cargo increase tremendously, it has also seen the size of these airplanes an example brought out in the new Dreamliner increased and the number of destinations also increased. Terrorists make use of these vulnerabilities in the systems of their target. the airports in Europe and North America countered to the inflammation of hijackings and bombings for the duration of this period, numerous other countries especially Africa experienced difficulties in enforcing most of these expensive security measures, thus giving the terrorist gangs a head start to launch there attack (Nordell, 2010). The international aviation system which comprises many developing countries is in this case very vulnerable and beleaguered with poor quality security measures, dishonesty, buying-off, and poor governance. furthermore, the Internet which has a worldwide access and containing a wider volume of vital information that could be of great benefit to the terrorists in this case in the line of flight timetable, definite particulars and precise structure of both aircraft and airports and vital information of victorious terrorist plans and make them have a leakage on the measures developed by respective governments on the same (Rodwell, 2003).

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