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The first essay dwelt on the conformist mentality behavior. With basis on a number articles and reference to the hotel and catering industries, the essay discusses eating behaviors of people within all circumstances of individual. Personally these are a common and interesting behavior that I tend to experience now and again as I tend to my day to day activities. Indeed, such behaviors listed like to find that people at a new place choose to have a meal in a restaurant where there are many consumers. This behavior is common to all people, and it is hard to see a stranger in a place sitting in a hotel alone. In the first article of fast food propaganda the author, defines why many individuals tend to be comfortable in hotels and restaurants with a high number of consumers, (Taco, 2006). Itís incredible, since in the society I experience a large number of consumers preferring to go to a restaurant which is frequent a large number of people on the believe that food is good and cheap or rather the place provides better services than any other place. Such perception has shaped the behavior of individuals significantly. Hence, the more people go to a restaurant the high likelihood of a new consumer to follow suit there. The second article indeed defines much paper the social behavior that could be found in hotels.

The article agrees more on the first with the degree of behavior and then provides reasons for the same. In the society, every choice and action of consumers are defined by an equivalent reason, and among the major factor that define decisions of hotel and restaurant choices is security. Consumers would wish to dine and even board hotels and restaurants that provide enough and efficient security and privacy. The argument behind the preference is logical as people could freely associate and interest in cheap and sociable place with an ample security. Thence, the analysis of Joyce Jefferson could be proved right as many people really love eating in places where there is a large number of people to socialize and feel that sense of comfort. Personally I tend to associate and drop in places where I can feel comfortable and secure, and these places which include social gardens have a large number of people for comfort and a sense of belonging that defines human beings.

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Thus, Kelvin Jayne assertions that human beings could seek to behave normally in foreign place can be justified. The logic is that, as a new person in a strange place, you need to find a place that cannot define as being odd and new, a place where everyone looks like and everyone feels he/she is at the right and normal place. These give an individual a chance to be confident and act normally. What is more peculiar is the testament of Welvex Wanjiku that human beings to avoid rejections do everything possible. But in one way or another, human beings take an action to try to fit in any new environment in the best way possible. These could be classified as personal analysis to determine the culture and way of living of that place. Therefore, by choosing a populated restaurant one is able to define the lifestyle and fit in.

In a conclusion, all these analysis by various writers and observers provide a simple declaration of a common behavior of consumers in the hotel and hospitality industry. This behavior defines every individual based on certain assumptions and processes. This is an example of human being manage to co-exist with each other and assume a common way of living.

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