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Psychological Consideration and Sociological Effects of Clinical Engineering.††In addition, biomedical devices have also found application in clinical engineering where they are used to help in surgeries, especially in cardiac surgery. For example, cardiologists usually shunt patientsí blood to an external artificial blood circulatory system as they conduct a surgery on the heart valves or on the endocardium.

Although this is usually a temporary medical procedure, it also involves a wide use of biomedical technology to bend life and modify the way how the human body operates. Nonetheless, people only accept it because they understand that there is no possible way to do those procedures without shunting blood away from the heart. The human anatomy is such that the heart is always full of blood and thus, there is no way the heart can be penetrated without interfering with blood circulation. It is this understanding that has necessitated the wide acceptance of biomedical technology as the only way out.

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In conclusion, the use of biomedical technology draws more emotions than evokes passions. The world remains divided into whether it should be accepted in entirety or rejected in a similar manner. However, there are certain aspects that have emerged due to the psychological fear of the unknown, especially in the religious community.

The popular argument is that human beings generated through genetic engineering could be used in a potential warfare against humans. It is the fear that has sometimes forced the religious community to engage in intense lobbying and arm-twisting of the political class with a view of rejecting the use of biomedical technology. However, a few applications of this technology have currently found important use, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

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