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Martin Luther King Jr. was upset by white church ministers due to their criticism of street demonstrations by the Negros against racial segregation arguing that they should seek justice from the courts. Martin Luther felt that these demonstrations were the best way of expressing their feelings on the issue. Malcolm X feels that racial discriminatory on people of African descent by the whites can only be condemned if the black should appreciate themselves first rather than living in inferiority. Malcolm X was contradicted with civil rights movements since he was fighting for separatism between the whites and the blacks while the civil rights movements were fighting for racial segregation. Charismatic leaders and community organizers made a great deal of positive contribution on the civil rights movements by making the colored people realize their rights (Horvatic, 2008).

Ishmael Reeds feels that outsiders who live in the U.S are privileged. The crimes that they commit is concealed while those committed by the commoners in the streets is published and he argues that this would continue until people understands the important of their cultures and origin. He is in full support of multiculturalism and wishes the Americans would embrace it and learn the history and the languages that this diverse culture offers. However, He is fully against the view that Western cultures are the only property for white men (Reed, 1972).

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