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There are two approaches: critical thinking or intuition and emotions. The matrix of Ethical Lens Environment suggests four different ways of understanding the personality. The analysis of the lens gave the ground to claim that, at some point of view, I prefer rights and responsibility. Therefore, I can use my core values: rationality and autonomy.

Rationality helps in reasoning while determining my duties as universal rules that each person should follow. Very often, I value autonomy over equality. The evidence that protection of the other’s rights has no use and is not so precious so can sway me away. Between rationality and sensibility I will choose the first one, as it emphasizes applying the universal rules. One interesting thing is that even if intuition will say the opposite, I will not make an exception. The desire to satisfy my duties helps me to value individual balance and restrain in the desire for pleasure.

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The deep knowledge of myself helps me to act according to my values. However, I often apply the key phrase “I am responsible” to everyone. Therefore, the understanding of the meaning of the word “responsibility” and the key points differ deeply from one person to another. As a result, it can cause conflict of values and interests. Speaking about the definition of ethical behavior, fulfilling duties is the core element of it. The fairness and justice often support my actions, so each action is valued as the response of autonomous, fully responsible adult.

In order to follow the stigma of autonomous, fully responsible adult, I often use reason as a tool for analyzing the problem. Critical thinking and rationality help me to learn and solve problems as fast as it is possible. Nevertheless, the tendency to go through a problem and find the best way to its solution rarely helps in fulfilling my duties as I can stuck in the information or get lost in looking for the best way out of it. In this case, self-knowledge helps to stay on the way and complete the task.

The autonomy and rationality can be the reasons for being autocratic. The requirements to fulfill things the way I did or do help in measuring up their results ethically. However, if there were reasons, I would become judgmental and would label others as unethical. However, I can find excuses if I am not following my core values and will insist on their fulfillment despite everything. First of all, I will convince the others in it, then I will convince myself. As a result, crisis will meet total exhaustion.

Because I focus on good motives, I am clear about reasons for acting, which is my blind spot. Unintentionally, I can make people upset and make them feel the pain. The tendency to believe that ethics is a set of universal rules makes me follow them and make others to do so.

The hardest, in my opinion, is to keep balance between heart and head, especially when it comes to intuition.  The core value is often the corner stone of misunderstanding between people. This is the reason why I have few friends and why it is so hard to stay away from judgment.

To determine the course of action, I need to listen to my heart. Moreover, I need to learn to pay more attention to other lenses in order to understand people, develop flexibility and have a positive impact on the community. In addition, I need to keep in my mind the thought that people see the same situation differently and it is normal.  In fact, if I restrain my autonomy, this will have a positive impact on decision-making. The desire to consider the others’ opinions will help me to see the whole perspective in the process of decision-making and care about the other, fulfilling my ideals with compassion.

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