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The world today cannot be perceived as a heaven peace. News from our television to newspapers are awash with reminders of war. War continues to be of interest for those interested in international development and politics. War is an institution that is older than civilization. The term has also undergone metamorphosis, especially with the 17th century emergence of the states. The term interstate wore has become fashionable. War can be defined as sustained interstate combat that may involve two sovereign states or even more. War results in casualties or deaths. It can be noted that there has been significant reduction of wars since the sixteenth century. The number of states has however been on increase. Since the WWII the interstates wore decreased significantly. The wars have increased in severity.

The wars occurring in this century have had more disbarring effects. The war, though not as frequent are more destructive and deadly. War causes deaths through indirect afflictions like hunger and diseases. The twentieth century wars have been characterizes by devastating attacks on the enemies territories. The most devastating wore of the twentieth century includes the Vietnam war, the Korean wore and the most recent involving United states and allies verses Iraq. There has not been war among the developed nation. War has increased in the developing nations.

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What are the causes of war?

The causes of war gained prominence among the social scientists since the 2nd world war. The social scientists are preoccupied in finding the causes of the interstate war. Many theories have come while some have been relegated. There is no single cause of the interstate wars. The interstate wars have been characterized by multiple causes. The causal factors have also been found to be interrelated. War is therefore caused by presence of simultaneous factors. With an increase in the number of the causal factor, the chances that war will result increases. (Cashman ET el, 2006:2)

One of the factors that causes war are the individual, read the presidents and prime ministers. The individual plays a significant role in determining an outbreak and even ending of a war. Other individuals in the government like the ruling elite may also contribute to war. Some states set-ups may make them more prone to wore. The changing dynamics in international relation may also cause interest war.

The causes of wore May therefore entail immediate factors which are mostly associated with individuals within the states in conflict. The individual political leaders have been known to make a difference. The individual leaderís personality comes into play in determining the outbreak of interstate wars. The individual personality is embroiled in their perception, and their beliefs. The individual leaderís personality has been found to play an important role in determining how an individual reacts when confronted by a challenging international encounter. †

Another factor associated with wore is honor. The war is driven by the desire to restore honor. There has been noted relationship between wore and honor. Honor has been a major source of the desire to fight. The Russian war were motivated by a system that was used to honor those who ahs tramped in wore. The involvement of the Japanese soldiers in the second world war was also motivated by the desire for honor. The nations and the general communities had systems and methods that were used o bestow honor on those who had prospered in war. Success in wore is associated with the general success of an individual. The individual have been found to perceive the honor as an end in themselves. The individuals in war may be driven by the desire to be seen to delivery what the society desires and readily rewards. Wars are driven by desire of individual to be perceived as courageous, as strong, and as one loyal to the comrades. Some individual may opt for shortcut to victory, by being motivated by the desire to gain honor.† (Robinson, 2006:15).

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