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Disordered eating, just as the term suggests, is an eating trend which is abnormal. There are number of disordered eating trends although most of them cannot bring eating abnormalities (Books, LLC 2010). If well guided, people with these conditions can regain the normal eating trends. In this article, I will describe three eating disorders and their impacts on the health of human body. There exists several eating disorders but the commonly known eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder (Books, LLC 2010).

Anorexia nervosa is a condition which is associated with extreme losing of body weight emanating from minimized food substances (Books, LLC 2010). Bulimia nervosa is a condition when an individual experiences loss in weight at frequent intervals (Books, LLC 2010). Binge eating habits comes about when a person engages in extreme diet control and is accompanied by eating too much in discrete (Books, LLC 2010).

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Eating disorders are accompanied by a wide range of impacts which are universal in the three cases explained above. The following are the effects: reduced body nutrients which can expose a person to health problems, deprivation of food leads to lack of water in the body and as a result some body parts fail to function well, taking a lot of water can cause reduced levels of sodium in the blood, weak muscles, damage of the gullet due to pressurized vomiting, bleeding in the digestive system, swelling of some body parts such as feet, reduced blood pressure, due to reduced levels of fats in the body; the body temperature goes down; these and many others are the effects of  disordered eating habits (Christopher & Kelly, 2002).

Experts advise that, anyone who becomes a victim of eating disorders should seek medical attention immediately. However, studies show that, most individuals decide to remain discreet (Christopher & Kelly, 2002). This is dangerous because the signs are very hard to note as they appear as stress at first, and eventually depression. The most recommended treatment is a multi-system where the patient is first assessed by the doctor, guideline on nutrients is issued; a back up, doctor makes a follow up, person, group and a check up on the family members of the patient (Christopher & Kelly, 2002).

To conclude, I can deduce that eating disorders are both psychological and physical in nature. They affect the mind of the individual and can lead to severe depression. On the other hand, the body becomes weak and the skin becomes rough (Christopher & Kelly, 2002).

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