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Free Example of Flexibility and Success at Best Buy Essay

  1. The most crucial fields of study in the best buy retailing shop are gauging the employee performance in that the employees are expected to work according to the set rules and guidelines and their rate of progress is measured not by the number of working hours but by the virtue of the quality of work done. Employees are expected to produce goods tailored to meet customer specifications which results into their satisfaction. The program is aimed at increasing employee morale in that it is presumed to strike a balance between the time accorded for work and on the other hand time allocated for personal needs such as spending time with children and for one’s leisure. Managements work progress is also determined through this work plan.
  2. The major stakeholders involved in the study are employees, managers, customers of the specific goods, in that for any business to thrive these must be incorporated to ensure flexibility and viability.
  3. The most practical models associated with the case involved include introduction of technology in that while employees are away from the business premises they can efficiently perform as usual. They can communicate via the internet connections on business ideas and problem solving situations. This is a practical example of how technology is useful within a business setup. Performance measurement is also another tool which has enhanced effective results in the business in that by not looking on the work time but the result has helped the management.
  4. An organization willing to use the Results Only Work Environment to measure performance will have to gauge the results of all the participants involved in the work, from the top management to the bottom leveled employees. Once results are analyzed then corrective measures should be put to resolve any problem. The program is applicable in different organizations depending on their principles and value that is, if they value work done or the time used to complete the work. An organization willing to reap benefits from the plan will motivate employees, meet customer needs and monitor managerial actions. The plan would work depending on how best it is effected. For a firm which is time conscious then the plan would not work, but for a firm which bases its actions on the attained results then it would be effective.
  5. The program is flexible and for a retail business this is bound to reduce turnover this is not the aim of the business. A retail business does not provide for any leisure since if there is delivery of goods involved then this call for maximum available time. The form of business retailers engage in do not provide time for education and progress hence many workers in dire need of acquiring knowledge are left out. It does not provide mentorship sequencers. Decisions are only made in the top management and employees are not engaged in giving opinions hence this is not done openly.
  6. Flexible working conditions in an organization act as a catalyst in employees’ performance. An organization can improve flexibility by offering incentives to well-performing employees this encourages them to indulge in more work. Management may also create open forum workshops with employees to hear their suggestions on ways to maintain flexible working conditions. The managers should also increase their trust and respect in employees by believing in their capability to decide wisely. Offering training schemes and increasing employee devotion by supporting submission with no judgment regarding workplace relations regulations. If all these factors are put into consideration then employees feel as a part of the organization and hence their level of workforce is enhanced.
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