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While a flood buoyant program may be fundamental in Florida, it will lead to displacement of people from their homes. However, the program offers people a relief by providing them with new homes. The program is, however, hindered by limited funds and resistance from the public. Many of the residents living on the flood plains areas are convinced that their buildings have withstood floods for a long time, and are, therefore, against relocation. Implementation of the Flood Buoyant Program will, therefore, require the stakeholders to convince the public on the benefits the program offers. For the purposes of rolling out the program in Florida, the stakeholders need to be well prepared in terms of finances. Sufficient campaign is vital to enlighten the residents on the benefits associated with the program. The implementers of the program should ensure that the buoyant they offer to the affected residents is commensurate to their buildings to be demolished.

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Eglin AFB, Florida, the program can be expected to face a number of resistance in its implementation. Partial compensation to the public may induce resistance from the occupants of such flood plains. Inadequate funding from the federal and state authorities accelerates this problem. The state of Florida has over 18 million residents, 80 % of which operate near the coastline. The remaining percentage lives near the state’s rivers and flood plains. A program aiming to relocate such an enormous number of people may face resistance from the public. However, proper planning and financial aid from the state, federal governments and donors will ensure adequate compensation, hence reducing the resistance. Conversion of these flood plains to greenways will ensure that the land is restored to its natural state; hence filter excess water and curb water runoff. This will reduce flooding emergences and loss of property and lives. Campaigns to educate the public on such benefits will avert the resistance.

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