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In this paper, I will address the organizational change of the conventional approach, as well as the impact the change will have on the nursing practice inclusive of the advantages, which will be experienced upon the change implementation process. In addition, the change will lead to a remarkable improvement in the sphere of care providing services. 

Change Description

The hospital nurses were initially employing the conventional call light approach in order to offer assistance to patients in distress. However, the hospital has transformed this method to a new system in which the nurses anticipate the patients’ needs and, as such, offer assistance through hourly rounds. 

Change Implications for Nursing

Such a kind of change implies that there will be a reduction in the frequency of call lights received by nurses and related staff. The call lights were not only indispensable but also inconvenient at the same time. However, it should be also mentioned that the call lights were not helpful at all because of the fact that they provided the patient with a sense of reassurance. Additionally, they also provided a means by which the patient could communicate with the hospital staff. Additionally, they also provided the patient with a means by which he or she could take control in an unfamiliar environment (Deitrick et al., 2006).

The major disadvantage of the nurses’ call lights was the rampant interruption of other tasks being undertaken by the caregivers. These patient calls affected better time management efforts at the hospital. Additionally, the errors, which were registered by the staff, especially in high risk tasks – for instance, in double checking a medication calculation – were highly attributed to the numerous call lights received by the nurses. Thus, with the introduction of the call lights system, the change implication for nurses reduced interruptions and, as such, increased the quality of service to patients. 

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Change Impact on Quality of Care and Safety Concerns for Patients

Evidence has proved that the idea of rounding is a better alternative compared to the call lights method (Meade,  Bursell,  & Ketelsen, 2006). A recent study, conducted in various hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the United States of America, which employed surgical, medical and medical-surgical units, analyzed the performance of one and two hour rounding methods as well as the situation when no regular rounding was conducted. The study’s results indicated that when nurses conducted one hour rounds their activities significantly decreased the rate of patient falls as well as call lights (Meade, Bursell, & Ketelsen, 2006). These results ultimately increased satisfaction among patients. 


In conclusion, this paper presented nurse rounding as a change and an alternative of the conventional strategy of call lights. It presented this strategy as a better alternative compared to the call lights method by arguing the high rate of interruptions associated with call lights as a derived disadvantage which significantly reduces performance. It also argued how nurse rounding could lead to increased patient satisfaction by presenting evidence from the undertaken research.

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