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Currently, in the organization, roles of different health care employees are not clearly defined. Secondly, the organization does not have the necessary training tools to increase skills leading to high quality performance. For this reason, there is need for a health care team to oversee clear definitions of roles in the organization are made and provision of proper training to the employees. Therefore, the team will consist of one person from the management, a senior physician, a nurse and one member from the supporting staff. This is because all these members are going to represent different departments and other parts of staff members in the organization. In this case, the health care team is going to come up with clear definitions of the roles played by all the employees. In addition, the team is going to prepare proper training manuals that will lead to skills improvement in the organization.

The team members play different roles and they have a unique way of relating with one another in order to come up with better roles and training strategies. To begin with, the management employee is going to receive the clear roles from the other members and help in creating proper training manuals. In this case, he or she is going to compile all the information discussed by the team for the other senior management to deliberate. The physician and the nurse are going to provide different roles medical staff members play in the organization. Additionally, they are going to provide training manuals in areas they feel require more skills for the medical staff. Finally, the supporting staff employee is going to create roles of other supporting staff members in the organization. Moreover, create training manuals for supporting staff members. All these members relate with each other because they cannot work in the organization without each other.

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Standardization is the first term the team members are going to encounter. As an organization charged with job classification, standardization is required. It is the process of unifying all the operations of an organization. Acceptability is the other term meaning the correct procedures. Health care policies are the rules and regulation of the medical team. Training is process of educating people or students new proficient skills. Patients care is the provision of medical care to the patients by the physicians and nurses. Organization structure is the hierarchical tree of an organization. Motivation is the process of creating significant employee empowerment to work efficient in the company. Strategy is the techniques employees apply in performing their duties. Procedures are described as the guidelines to follow when performing activities. Facilities manual is a proper guideline for efficient use medical facilities in the organization.

In order to improve staffing in the organization, the organization needs to follow these recommendations. The first recommendation is employee involvement in decision-making process. Secondly, creation of policies and procedures for standardization purposes in the organization. In this case, existing and new employees are going to attend training to ensure that nobody is left behind. Thirdly, flexible structures that create innovation among the employees should be allowed. This is because they are going to improve quality health care provided to the patients. Duties and roles of the different staff members should be defined. In this case, they are going to ensure there is not duplication of work. For instance, they will be no employees performing the same duties. Additionally, the roles should ensure not to oppress other employees in the organization. Finally, creation of proper working conditions for the employees should be enhanced to ensure that employees are working in a safety environment. With these recommendations, staffing problems are going to be solved in the organization.

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