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Like most of people, who recognize that same-sex marriages are not natural and healthy, I consider that homosexual unions should not be legalized as marriages equivalent to heterosexual marriages. The state should not destroy a traditional concept of marriage as “a voluntary union between a man and a woman, excluding other people”.

Marriage between a man and a woman has always been a unique type of the relations which naturally leads to the creation of a newborn person and provides this person with the best conditions for education and development through stability and mutual obligations. Sexual distinctions are the main component of marriage. Two homosexuals or two lesbians cannot create a newborn person. Even if one of the lesbians makes an artificial insemination, it demands the man's participation as a donor of sperm. Thus, the child born by the lesbian as a result of the artificial insemination, all the same has a biological father irrespective of the fact whether he knows it or not. In this case the child is deprived by the rights to know the father to satisfy requirements of lesbians. I think, such actions are unfair in relation to the child and are simply shocking! It passes to system injustice when the state supports such a situation in its laws and judicial authority.

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A traditional family is the best place for children’s development and education and consequently the state is obliged to support it as an imitation model. Social researches proved long ago that a traditional family led to the best results in children’s development and growth and gave them special “social benefits”. The researches also showed that such a family structure brought the best results in health, economic welfare and wellbeing of men, women and children.

The only basis of homosexual marriages is sensual communication and erotic romanticism. Such an approach to marriage is a complete antithesis to the basis which is inherent in a traditional marriage. It is absolutely different culture and view of the world which wants to force out a traditional understanding of sex and human relations. For example, the law in Britain, legalized the homosexual civil unions in 2004, has no such concepts as “adultery” and “marital fidelity”.

As soon as a person starts to interfere and break traditional definition of marriage, there is an incessant stream of chaos in human relations. If everything was based only on an individual decision of loving people, why would not the polygyny or polyandry be legalized in case people wanted that? Why would not the family between two men and three women be legalized if all loving participants wanted?

It is known that the homosexual way of life leads to diseases, a depression, suicides, life expectancy reduction and so on. It is considered that same-sex pairs are extremely chaotic with the sexual partners. One of the largest researches in the field of the homosexual unions revealed that only seven of 156 same-sex pairs had no sexual activity with other partners. The majority of such pairs had not been together more than five years

Homosexual unions are very fragile. In 2010 the US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study revealed that 40 % of lesbian pairs, who made an artificial insemination, broke off the relations within a short period of time.

Thus, I consider that all citizens of non-traditional sexual orientation should have the same rights as the main population of the country, namely the right to life, property, freedom of speech, education, nationality, work, peaceful assemblies and associations, rest and leisure, and so on. All the rights which protect them are equivalent with other people. Also all people have the right to marry a person of an opposite sex and to make a family. All these rights belong to the mankind and are included into the international and local laws. They form a basis of laws of all countries. However, I think, I gave enough reasons not to allow legalization of homosexual marriages.

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