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Non-powered tools are used in a large number of industries. National data indicates that a high number of injury cases, also known as musculoskeletal disorders, are caused by hand tools. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) identifies the importance of proficient design in hand tools as a means of reducing accidents. Besides design, non powered tools bust be used for their rightful intended purpose to minimize risks of accidents (Lowe, Kong & Waters 2004). The most powerful concept associated with material is the use of working tools for the right purpose. Using tools for its rightful intended purpose ensures comfort while reducing chances of injury. Choosing of the right tools enhances use of least force, therefore minimizing fatigue and pain during work. Make use of tools that fit your hand, and height, therefore reducing risk of injury. Ensure you choose tools used for accuracy, as they require minimum force during work. When applying vertical force, tools with straight handles perform better than tools with crooked handles (Lowe, et. al, 2004). Tools with non- slip surface enhance better grip during working, therefore minimizing chances of accidents. Enhance surface texture of tools for firmer grip by adding snugly fitting sleeves on the handle. Sleeves increases the grip span of handles, therefore enhancing efficiency and personal safety during working.When working, space must be well used by avoiding awkward postures that may cause bodily harm or compel the worker to use excess force.  Adoption of poor working posture results in use of more force, which means much work, is done to get a job well done. Use of sufficient space enhances proficient working as the right tools are used for their rightful purpose (Lowe, et. al, 2004).  Place working tools on surface with sufficient space to avoid harmful contact with other tools; which might cause severe accidents. Improve your working posture by considering the placement of work piece.  Choose tools that enhance correct working posture while excreting the least force. Use of right tools in right posture minimizes fatigue and pain in the back, shoulders and neck.

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