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Free Example of Human Sexuality Essay

Human sexuality is the ability of people to express and experience themselves as sexual beings. It is their ability to have erotic reactions and experiences as well as the awareness of a person to be either male or female (Farlex, Inc, 2012).

By the time teenagers enter college, they are astonishingly sophisticated about some aspects about human sexuality while they are disappointingly naive about others. Having grown up in an environment of media filled with sexual images and regular warnings from parents and the community, there are things I already knew about some issues which were covered in class. The aspects that I already knew about are like the fact of being either a female or male. In class I learnt about people with both sexual organs, who are called hermaphrodites.

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 Before tacking the class, I knew about two types of sexualities which are the heterosexuals, the most natural human sexuality, and homosexuals, due to their rise in the society. In the class I have learnt that there other types of sexualities like the bisexuals and asexual among others (Calpol25, 2012). I also had a general knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, but in class I have come to learn about these diseases in detail, for example their cause, symptoms and treatment. My knowledge of human sexuality has greatly upgraded.

Lastly, I have come to learn that some countries have legalized abortion and other sexual practices such as same sex marriages. I stand by the opinion that each individual has the right to choose his or her sexuality as well as one’s sexual behaviors. However, even though there are other types of sexualities, I believe heterosexuality is the most superior and acceptable one among others. Knowledge on human sexuality has helped me make wise decisions about my sexual behavior and also to counsel and guide others on matters of sexuality.

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