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Some of the essential aspects that influence an individual analysis and history of understanding is the cultural background as well as individualís own paradigm. There are many clams which are made in science for instance; for a concept to be accepted in science it must be reproduced or replicable. These are some of the constraints to knowledge acquisition because some of the historical events are not replicable or their damages are very inhumane beyond this test. Falsification is a common concept in natural science though itís a main concept in limiting knowledge acquisition. Literature is a good example of language usage in acquisition of knowledge. All literal materials employ language in explaining all concepts be it history or not.

Art also plays an essential role in impartation of knowledge. In this field empiricism and emotions are used to communicate a given concept. Due to the nature of literature and art in imparting the knower the two concepts reveals two different things to the person seeking knowledge. On addition to that if a knower seeks to find truth illustrated in both literature and art the truths that will be revealed will greatly depend on the perspective of the person seeking it. For this reason the two important concepts seek to evoke truth depending on the subject. Knowledge is obtained through four distinct channels which may be interrelated for instance reason, language, perception and emotion. Language is basically expressed in two different forms. For example by use of symbols and words therefore before getting the picture of the author the reader has an obligation of interpreting as well as searching for the hidden meaning (Chambers 250).

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History was written in order to inform people about the past events therefore its essential in gaining of knowledge. On the other hand language is the only channel through which the intended knowledge is received. The only knowledge that one can achieve in the absence of language is personal experience and since history is not all about individual experiences language come in handy to knowing. Such experiences do not usually undermine the usefulness of language in knowing because language must be used if the experience has to be passed to another person. An individual can only be able to get the ultimate truth of whatever history if he correctly applies the four initial important aspects. Truth can also be found when the knower consults reliable sources because not all literal materials give essential information.

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