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Free Example of Karl Marx's Concept of 'Mystification' Essay

Mystification refers to distortions of opinions of reality, which obscures that reality. Ideological performances generate human beings as social subjects through transformation of lived experiences into subjectivity. The concept of mystification concerns the manner in which cognitive ideas of what is in existence are formed out of the living experiences. The experiences are formed such that they distort and cover the real working of the social world. Mystification entails the practice of intentionally making things baffling outside the sphere of reasoning. Therefore, mystification is utopian since it is used to enhance a conceptualized vision of reality. Also, mystification is an abuse because it causes harm and makes certain things impossible even to think about. Take, for example, there may be mystification of nature, where according to the human lived experience, the sun is seen setting. However, no matter how hard humans try, it is not possible to see the earth rotate. Mystification encourages confusion since there is a failure in seeing what is being experienced in reality or failure to discriminate actual issues. In fact, mystification comprises the substitution of false for true conceptions of what is experienced or done, and the substitution of false for actual issues.

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Marx conceptualized the idea of mystification to imply a plausible misrepresentation of the process going on or what is being done in the service of interests of ones socioeconomic class over or against another class. One of the classes involves the exploiters while the other involves the exploited. Through representing forms of exploitation like forms of benevolence, exploiters confuse the exploited into feeling of gratitude for what is unrealized in their exploitation. Mystification concept has a place in Marx’s thought process; according to the perception of Marx, there are two class divisions, which consist of the owners of capital and laborers. The owners of capital exploit the owners of labor in order to increase their productivity. The exploited, who own labor, are blocked from seeing the reality and are being abused. There is a clear indication of mystification since the owners of labor cannot see the truth of being abused by the owners of capital. The owners of labor are exploited through low remuneration and extended working hours by the owners of capital, but they end up being satisfied and present their gratitude to the owners of capital. In this scenario, there is mystification since laborers cannot see the truth; the false interest is substituted by truth interest.

In the current society, the concept of mystification seems to apply in several cases and situations; some of the individual acts can only be explained through mystification. Take, for instance, the act of poverty that can be explained through mystification. Individuals that are usually born poor do not have to remain poor; the course of outcome whether an individual will be poor emanates from the individual. Also, the case of crime may have a conceptualization from mystification. Individuals in the same social-economic situation may have different choices regarding committing a crime. In the current world, mystification is applied in capitalistic markets. The capitalists open factories and provide job opportunities to the unemployed; they act in this manner in order to make the unjust appear just. In the factories, there may be exploitations, which the capitalists cover by providing to the people extra services such as building schools and social centers in the factories.

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