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It is my personal belief that no child should ever feel inadequate, inept, or forsaken. I strongly believe that every child has an important contribution to make in the classroom. They should be recognized, in a positive manner, for their contributions no matter how big or small these contributions may be. Students should feel accepted and comfortable at all times within the confines of my classroom. Differences will be praised, acknowledged and discussed within my class. I will recognize, include, and respect all students be they gifted, average, or categorically disabled, privileged, under-privileged, gay, lesbian, blue, or green. I will stress and enforce the importance of this acceptance and inclusion to all of my students. I will expect that these students will then, in turn, demonstrate these actions to their peers (Noddings). 

The classroom is a place for growing and learning and this place should be filled with respect, comfort, and understanding at all times. This will ensure that each student is provided with the best learning environment they could possibly have. I will understand that students work in different modes and levels, learn at different paces, have different interests, come from different backgrounds, and possess different abilities.

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I will stress group work with individual attention. I believe that it is important to work together, learn about your peers, and learn from your peers. I also believe that within the group setting it will be important to provide individual attention (without directly centering any child out), guidance, and monitoring in order to reinforce positive behaviour and reiterate the importance of respect and understanding.

When addressing students in a lecture format or preparing lesson plans I will always take into consideration the diversities within my classroom. I will be sure to include every student. No student will be left behind, struggling to comprehend or act on what it is I have said or have asked for. I will be sure to include many formats and choices within my classroom to ensure that learning is accessed by all students (Noddings).  I will provide viable options and accommodations to address the many unique ways of learning and understanding. I will also modify parts of the curriculum for individual students, who may be gifted or in need, so that they too gain from classroom activities and instruction.

I take this quite seriously. The thought of leaving any child feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, ashamed, or left behind in my classroom is unacceptable. The classroom should be a second home to a child. They spend a great deal of their time there.  All students should feel warm, included, and respected in my classroom. Here they will learn many important lessons socially and academically.

I believe it is the school's duty to seek to develop caring, open, diverse, and knowledge thirsty individuals. I think it is the teacher's duty to be extremely creative in how we develop these students. As a Perrenialist I hope to foster a love of knowledge incorporating some of the 'Great Works' of our time into our modern society. I hope to continuously challenge my students yet make sure that I am reaching them at the same time. I think this should be the intention of every school. We should bring forth the old thought provoking ways of seeing the world and combine them with some modern though in order to create a vast fountain of knowledge in each and every child.

I believe my teachers and my parents had an equal hand in forming the values I have today. My family introduced me to many of the 'Greats' at a young age. They taught me to push myself and discourage me from taking the role of a simple sponge when I acquired new knowledge. Instead they taught me to take it in newly acquire knowledge and create my own thoughts. This was furthered throughout my years in school. I had many great teachers who also challenged me and taught me to look beyond that that was served to me in a lecture or in a book. They taught me to think outside of the box and to build my own thoughts and ideals.

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