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Free Example of Negative Aspects of Globalization Essay

The fact that most of the globalization impacts can be taken positively and negatively depends on the person’s background, beliefs, and norms. Without a doubt, it has negative effect on traditional food and environment. However, it affects positively on employment and education. Modern societies today are undergoing rising interconnection among trade, technology and finance thus are exposed to serious negative impacts of globalization. As the world’s economies continue to merge as a result of innovations and technological advances, which are definitely the effects of globalization.

Over the past decade, traditional food continues to disappear in favor of the junk food. The pace at which the French cuisine has  swept the food industry  is a clear demonstration. The rise of French cuisine  also shows the declining of traditional culinary habits in some parts of the world. Research by Hastings, Thiel and Thomas (2003) states that the American culinary and food habits became popular in the whole world and has negatively impacted on the eating habits of Asians, Europeans, and people in the developing world. There is also a rise in the usage of processed and fast food in the world today. This is one of the negative consequences of globalization in the food industry. In addition, Starbucks is seen in every corner of the world becoming one of the biggest franchise businesses., For example, an unfavorable impact of globalization is made in the case of Chinese McDonald’s at the Forbidden City. The American franchise had to move its operations in the Forbidden City due to social implications that arose. The Levin Institute observes that culture carries a crucial position in the development of globalization. (Globalization and local culture, para. 2). Thus, this case is an example of how globalization interferes with cultures

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Lastly, giant manufacturers have shifted their manufacturing sites to the developing countries. This was as a result of the rising opportunities in these countries due to expanding economies. However, this has also led to negative outcomes as pollution in these countries continues to increase and manufacturers show little concern to the environment. (Charles, 2004). 

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