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The modern world brings changes to our life styles, technologies that we use, and, undoubtedly, our eating habits. The values of good nutrition have changed among adults and children for the last few decades in the USA. Nowadays, the diet of an average American is predominated by fast food, snacks and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, salt, and fat. Moreover, the evolution of technology allows people live their lives carrying out far less exercise than ever before. Thus, the aim of this paper is to explore the factors that play a critical role in increasing the level of obesity amongst the Americans that has became a serious issue. Moreover, the research questions include indentifying the most vulnerable segment of population to obesity, researching experts’ prediction and possible consequences of the issue in order to find a solution.

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The problem with obesity rates dramatic rising faced by the new generation of Americans has overcome all the expectations. Obesity plague, as it is sometimes referred to, takes away from people’s health affecting millions every year; children are especially vulnerable since their obesity rates have tripled comparatively to their parent’s generation. Current statistic demonstrates that more than 35 percent of adults and up to 17 percent of children are obese in the USA. These rates exceed the figures of obesity in other countries and present worrying tendencies for the American nation.

Predictions expressed by the experts support distressing expectations of the obesity rates and its consequences for the country. According to Trust for America's Health, 50 percent of adults will be considered obese by 2030 in the USA. The experts also argue that the obesity rate will reach no less than 44 percent of the whole population in every American state during the following twenty years. However, some states are predicted to have more than 60 percent of obese and overweight people by that time.

I believe that the main issue with the obesity rates growth is connected to additional health problems that are provoked by unhealthy eating habits and being overweight. Hence, the frequency of such diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart related disease, and certain types of cancer that depend on obesity, will boost as well. The life expectancy will considerably decrease for young generation comparatively to their parents and there will be a great threat to national health. Moreover, not only people’s health and lives are affected by this tendency, but also the economy that will suffer from the increase of medical costs in the country. More sick people would mean more costs on their treatment and a larger amount of medical personnel involved. It is a problem itself taking into account the current tendency of the downturn of the economy and the workforce shortage in the healthcare system of the USA.

Therefore, finding the right solution is crucial for improving the current state of the issue. I support the recommendations suggested by the Trust for America’s Health (2012). Implementing state programs connected to introducing new school meal and nutrition standards, increasing investment in obesity-prevention programs, and prioritizing physical activity at schools are the most likely to have positive results. Additionally, developing a national strategy on preventing obesity along with a detailed action plan is necessary.   

Thus, the problem of increasing obesity rates has become exceptionally serious for the society and even life threatening for American people in the long prospective. I am convinced that some actions aimed at educating people about the nutrition and encouraging them to develop healthy eating habits must be introduced by the national healthcare system and the government. The problem should be solved urgently; otherwise, the nation is in danger of losing health and significantly decreasing the life expectancy rates.

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