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Free Example of Personal Statement for Graduate Essay

Five years ago as I applied for my diploma degree, my father could not afford to ask why I had to pursue a degree in networking. Unfortunately, I did not have an immediate answer to his question. However, from that moment onwards, I have tried to figure out what makes networking my career of choice.

In fact, my passion for networking started way back in my college days, when I started studying the subject as the part of the intensive informatics curriculum offered by the college. At first, I was fascinated by the way data could be transferred from one device to another and how fast that happened, but then, it took a little longer before I understood the concept behind the data transfer and networking as a whole. This marked the beginning of my quest for more information about networking, and I decided to purchase the book, " Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach" by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. Besides offering the completely new insights into the subject of networking, the book by Kurose and Ross provided new aspects of networking, which intensified my desire to join the field of networking even more. Accordingly, I strongly believe that networking will provide me with the challenges and opportunities that will guide my career trajectory to higher heights. In fact, up until now, networking has helped me to see life in a totally different way. Therefore, I have decided that networking will be the way to go, as I prepare to build a full-time career of a professional.

Further, my interest in networking has developed over the years. What started off as a mere childhood dream has grown into a strong passion that forms the core of the motivation to study networking to advanced levels. As a result, a Master’s Degree in Computer Networking will not only satisfy my desire to study advanced networking, but it will also give me the chance to explore the relationship between computer networking and the contemporary society. Therefore, with my strong determination and self-motivation that drive my desire to achieve pre-set goals, I am almost certain that I will manage to undertake a course in networking to the levels highlighted above. As a result, I am looking forward to joining your institution and the university community, in order to have the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world, in addition to providing my skills and services in different societies operating in the university.

On the other hand, besides my interest in networking and my study preoccupation, I spend my spare time to perform other extra-curricular activities. For instance, I have a passion for playing soccer, which has been my sport, since I was in 5th Grade, when I used to play with a local team in my hometown. Additionally, I like swimming, because it helps me to relax and improve my self-control, in addition to benefiting my health in terms of maintaining my physical wellbeing. Furthermore, during weekends and vacations, I practice alpinism considering that it provides me with the opportunity to handle extreme situations as they come. On top of that, I also like to volunteer and help people in need, especially those with disabilities. In fact, volunteer work helps me to better understand how to face critical situations, besides improving my leadership skills.

In the academic year 2006-2007, before receiving my degree award, I had the opportunity to work with an institution, which specializes in providing networking services to the public. Here, not only did I receive training and practical experience in informatics, but I also improved my skills in maintaining social relations. Moreover, I learned to be more creative, to consider other people's opinions in my work, and developed excellent communication skills. In order to improve my skills in networking, I had to work in different departments where I met new challenges and opportunities to learn more about networking. Actually, it is worth mentioning that one of my most memorable experiences comes from my work as a networking assistant with Bakhashab Motor Company in March-November 2008. This company helped me to gain experience in almost everything, including project management, meeting deadlines, respecting clients, and most importantly, improving my networking skills.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is the epitome of a perfect university for me. My application to RIT will not only provide me with the opportunity to receive quality education, but it will also help me to achieve my academic and professional goals by interacting with the faculty who are ready to help their students achieve their goals. With the presence of intensive classes at RIT, I will be challenged in order to prove my highest professional, intellectual, and personal expectations. Moreover, RIT will help me to develop into an individual who can make a difference in the world. Most importantly, honesty, diversity  and a good education system are those qualities which underscore my decision to apply to RIT. Another important feature of RIT is its size, which is big enough for an institution that provides the necessary resources for students to pursue their life courses to perfection. Moreover, the institution’s focus on the technology sets them apart from their competitors because at RIT, students enjoy modern facilities including an interactive trading floor that serves both as classrooms, and as a venue for the business world. In addition, RIT provides students with all the financial tools and software used at main financial institutions all over the world. As a result, I am more than delighted to join RIT in the near future in order to be part of a growing team of professionals in networking. 

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