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The concepts of prejudice and stereotype are closely linked to each other; this is one of the reasons why their definitions are similar. Prejudice is “thinking ill of others without sufficient warrant”. The basis of prejudice is the absence of any pure fact which can demonstrate the reason of the presence of this or another prejudice in the society. Stereotype is “an over-simplified mental image of (usually) some category of person, institution, or event which is shared, in essential features, by large numbers of people”.The definitions of both terms mentioned above state that these phenomena make some groups of people prevail over other ones. In this case, the problem of in-groups and out-group appear as those citizens who are prejudiced belong to the out-group as they are considered to be of lower race, nationality, and so on. The groups of people who relate to one of the social stereotypes or prejudices are the representatives of an in-group. The main problem is that the “attachment to in-groups and preferences for in-groups over out-groups may be a universal characteristic of human social life”. Personally, I do not relate to any of these terms as I have never been discriminated, and, at the same time, I always try to do my best in preventing stereotypes and prejudice from playing any role in my life.

Contemporary psychologists determine that in-group favoritism as well as out-group homogeneity is one of the principal origins of stereotype and prejudice. The reasons for them can be either a fragile self-esteem of the in-group members or the competition for resources. In an abundance of cases, the in-group representatives want to demonstrate themselves that they are favoring, and they are evaluated higher than some other people. In the competition for resources, they also can try to emphasize on the fact that they prevail.

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Norms and social inequalities are other origins of prejudice and stereotypes which tend to lead to discrimination. As a rule, the members of the in-group make everything possible to obey the individual liberties and human rights of the representatives of the out-group. This is the reason why people of lower social status suffer from various kinds of discrimination. In our contemporary society, as well as in my particular community, in-group favoritism is one of the most significant as they provoke a lot of people follow various stereotypes.

As a rule, millions of people all over the world have to face with discrimination. The groups of people who are always at risk of being discriminated are colored people, Asian and Latin American immigrants as well as some poor people. In most cases, the consequences of such kind of discrimination are the fact that the personality of these people are hurt. It results in the fragile self-esteem of these people as well as their aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, in this way, our citizens are inadvertently creating self-fulfilling prophecies in the contemporary society. For instance, after the terrorist attacks on the 11th of September, most Asians are considered to be terrorists whereas immigrants from Latin America are constantly admitted as people who have considerable problems with the immigration documents. These stereotypes are the reasons for these groups of people act in an aggressive way. By means of this kind of behavior, it can even seem that the prejudice is proved to be based on some pure facts.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to emphasize that the necessity to give an added gloss to the current situation is obvious. First of all, it is a social propaganda of the significance of improving attitudes and judgments. It is an irrefutable fact that citizens of any democratic state should understand that it is wrong to have a negative impression on the whole nation by means of judgment the deeds of one of its representatives. Furthermore, those people who are at risk of being discriminated because of some stereotypes or prejudices of the in-groups should make everything possible to change the public opinion, and the best to achieve this goal is a law-abiding behavior. It is of common knowledge that it can take much efforts but getting rid of any stereotypes must be a goal of both the government and the citizens.

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