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Free Example of Putting Pathos, Ethos, Logos Together Essay

Logos is usually used to persuade people through reasoning, both deductive and inductive reasoning. Provision of a reason in an opinion is usually the key method of making an appeal to people. In All Hands website, various logos have been used. All Hands website has used a logo in the super storm sandy response. This logo provides facts and statistic that appeal to the potential donors and sponsor.  For instance, the super storm response statistics indicates that 205 families were helped 1,544 volunteers were empowered, and an estimated $329,797 dollars were donated to support the response.  Another logo is about the Haiti calamity.  This website indicates new schools were built through transitional schools program in a period of less than 25 months. This allowed more than 3000 students to return to school. In addition, more than 219 staffs were provided with safe and dignified working environment.

All Hands website is successful in terms of appearance, content and usability. In term of content, All Hand website provides a worthwhile and enlightening content, which is one the fundamental element that influence the success of a website. The content in the website is up to date hence makes a visitor to the website to be update. In All Hands website, there are numerous appealing pictures of people to be helped by the donors and sponsors. The success of a charitable website is evaluated in term of functionality and usability. All components in the All Hand website are working correctly and quickly. The website lacks broken and poorly constructed components that would discourage visitors.  All Hand website is both comprehensible, and fast to load. This make the visitor remain glued in the site. In addition, the first page of the website is easy to read because it has a minimal scroll. The website designers need to ensure that a website is user friendly in navigation, appealing to target audience, simple and professional.

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Most Successful Aspects of the Website


This website is visually appealing. Its graphics are professionally polished. Additionally, the sliding interface of the home page has quality photographs that are informative. They give the viewer a preview of the engagements of this organization.  This has an impact of generating a positive impression of the organization. It also keeps any visitor on the website so as to view more pictures as they slide. The website has also used a good blend of colors that create a proper tone and mood.


Compared to many other websites, this website is quite easy to use, understand and navigate. Its simplicity makes users remain glued. The photographs or images in the website loads quickly. The images load in less than 20 seconds. Links have been created on the first page and thus eliminates the need to keep scrolling.


Although this website is not large, it has a search field at the top on the right side. This makes the website remarkably easy to use. A visitor who is time bound does not have to waste much time trying to scroll looking for the much needed information. He will fundamentally search for what he wants, and if such information is available, it will be available in a few seconds. If the information being searched is not available, there are some suggestions that closely match what the user was searching.

Least Successful Aspects of the Website

Infrequent Updates

The websites lack a real time updates of photographs and information. The photographs used have remained on the website for quite a long time.

Lack of focus on the user

The website does not give a chance to the visitors or users a chance to comment on their experience while navigating the websites.

Ways in Which Pathos, Ethos and Logos Are Used Separately and In Combination

The organization is involved in restoring the status of people affected by calamities. Pathos is the means in which the website has tried to create emotional appeal to visitors. By posting photographs of damaged homes and buildings, the website is creating an emotional appeal to the public so that they can volunteer to help the affected people. This has also been achieved through the choice of language.

Ethos or the ethical appeal presented by this website is that it is the moral duty of human beings to help each other in case of calamities.  By asking people to volunteer, this organization is telling the world that helping fellow humans is a moral duty. This website appeals to visitors that helping fellow humans can be achieved by joining this organization. Additionally, this organization is not race or national bound.

This website also utilizes the use of logos. By citing real facts such as the Haiti calamity, number of families displaced and affected it creates logical reasoning why more people should volunteer either through financial aid or offering their services.

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