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Free Example of Racism in the American Societies Essay

The argument put forth by Bob about reverse racism is considered to be illogical and unexplainable in that matter. According to Desmond (2010), the advent of racism came about as a result of institutional or group-based racism which carried a wider meaning. This form of racism was brought about by white dominance formulated on the basis that it produced far-fetched benefits for the aforesaid whites. It should be noted that this form of dominance was conducted at the expense of their African-American counterparts. Therefore, it is completely unreasonable for Bob to claim reverse racism since historically, there were no times in which the white community was deprived of their rights, privileges, and other forms of societal power.

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It should be assumed that interpersonal racism which targets dominated group holds different views and perceptions from the one which targets a dominant group. This means that European-Americans cannot be intimidated or downtrodden by their Black-American counterpart on the mere rationale that the former are dominant thus “un-exploitable”.  The assumption that people of all races are allowed to hold negative attitudes towards others is not overruled; however, the manner in which the context should be referred is different altogether. Therefore, in the scenario provided by Bob and Shontell’s conversation, it is assumedly clear that Black-Americans cannot bear the racism factor in them since historically, they were the main subjects of oppression and, in most cases, lacked fair representation in the institutions of power. As Desmond (2010) puts it, “People of color, then, can take part in overt and covert forms of interpersonal racism”.

Once more, Shontell’s argument about organizations being set in a manner which promotes white-comfort at the expense of the minorities is considered to be an approved form of racism. It is assumedly true that she quitted her previous job since it was marred with the elements of racism. According to Blauner (1992), this form of racism is narrowed down to “racism as atmosphere”. This is a scenario created by an organization when it embarks on deploying inherent as well as unconscious methodologies directed towards provision of white-comfort. It should be noted that in such workplace environments, the minority employees are deemed given the fact that they do not feel at home.

Furthermore, Shontell’s claims about Bob’s Union as practicing elements of racism are apparent. These claims are based on the fundamental platform of individualistic fallacy. This fallacy assumes the sensitive issue of race is characterized by such aspects as a down-play in the collection of ideas as well as persistent prejudices. Most notably, this form of fallacy is dependent upon the intentionality of the matter beforehand. Thus, participants in this scenario are perceived to be either racists or non-racists. In that context, it is clear that such labeling as a racist union is implicit and unfair since persistent forms of racism are habitual and expounded meaning to surpass limits of self-thoughts and ideas. Given the fact that the Union was guided with formidable policies which cautioned its members from participating in activities deemed to be racial in nature narrows the whole subject to individual perceptions. Furthermore, the Union had involved itself with fair practicing of recruiting competent members into their unions irrespective of their color or race in that matter.

To sum up, it is assumedly fair to postulate the fact that racism takes different natures and exists wholly in different sections of the society interactions. Nowadays, the facet of racism has transformed from individual-based form of racism to institutionalized racism so that vast and developed institutions are perceived to be in the process of facilitating the vice. Also, it should be noted that racism came about as a result of the dominance of white people thus blacks cannot be named racists since they bear no power over their superior counterparts.

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