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Free Example of Recommendation Letter Essay

To Whom It May Concern: I am proud to recommend Petar Despotovic for the International Trade masters program being offered in this institution. I have been privileged to know Despotovic for the last few years he has been taking a degree program in this institution. I have been teaching him in several courses in the degree program. This has made it possible for me to become well acquainted with him as a person and as a student. 

To begin with, Despotovic is a great student. He has always been working hard for the purposes of achieving excellent grades. According to all assignments and course work that I was giving the students, I had the pleasure to notice that Despotovic was taking them seriously. He was working hard to make sure that he attains maximum results. Secondly, Despotovic has been among the top students in his class. This is attributed to his impressive class attendance rates and shear hard work he was showing through out the degree program.

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In person, Despotovic is honest and humble. In all occasions, I have been interacting with him; he has not given me an opportunity to doubt his word. All the students in his class can attest to this fact because on several occasions he was selected to represent the class due to his honesty. In addition, it is extremely difficult to find Despotovic in compromising situation or fighting with other people. He is always humble and peaceful. Finally, he likes to help other people with their work in order to excel together. He takes interest in helping other students in class, who couldn’t manage their selves with the tasks.

Since Despotovic has been a student in this institution, taking his degree program enables him to continue with his masters program in this institution. It will be a great opportunity for him and the institution. I am proud to say that Despotovic will have immense impact in the field of international trade both locally and globally.

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