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Topic 1: Should taxes on people making over $250,000 a year be changed?

Most countries have adopted a tax system that ensures that the more you earn, the more tax you pay. This ensures that the poor pay less tax than the rich people. Martha 2010 explains that these taxes that are in the form of P.A.Y.E still leave the rich people taking home a better net pay than the low income earners.

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The purpose of this research is to bring to the attention of the government and the tax department the need to review the tax policy especially for those earning more than $250000. Hellerstein, 2010 argues that the government should therefore, put into place laws that ensure more revenue is generated from people earning high amounts of income.

Topic 2: Should regulations for home schools be changed?

Larry, 1991 states that the home schooling system has gone through various changes in the recent past; this has made it more recognized not only in the US but in other countries too. Page, 2001 states that this system has been met with a lot of resistance; this is because many people still view home schooling as an anomaly to be tolerated within strict regulatory limits, rather than a positive change that they should welcome.

Schools and parents should welcome this system and work together to make it better. Regulations should be changed to encourage parents and children to make personal educational choices and at the same time ensuring that the home schooled children get quality education.

Topic 3: Should changes be made to the regulations for foods that are served in public schools?

Somers, 2006 states that most students complain about the type of food that is served in public schools; the diet is mostly regarded as poor and may have negative health implications on the children that are on the school feeding program. Smith, 2011 states that research shows a third of the children in a country like U.S are obese; this is because the program feeds them with foods that are fatty, salty, and sugary that parents keep them from eating at home.

Parents and principles should have a program that concentrates on eliminating sodium, limiting calories and providing more fruits and vegetables to the diet.

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