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There are several departments that are related to school violence. In the US, the department of justice, National institute of justice, Office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention and the prevention of office for the victims of crime (Mcgregor, 2002). School violence differs from one institution to another. Multiple strategies should be employed to curb violence in various schools and institutions. There are a myriad strategies and policies that can be applied to curb violence. However, the most important thing is that these strategies are integrated and implemented with the full participation of the relevant members and the stakeholders. These include the board members, Parents, community members and emergency response individuals (Mcgregor, 2002). Most of the interventions that are employed to curb school violence should be able to lower the delinquency rates as well as bullying, suicide and other forms of antisocial behaviors. The measures should also incorporate sections that take care of the victims of violence. These strategies and policies should improve the learning environment by reducing disruptive, intimidating and disrespectful behavior. In addition these strategies should prepare schools to deal with emerging anthropogenic and natural disasters (Mcgregor, 2002).

School violence has recently escalated with shootings taking place in several places. Shootings have been reported in urban rural and suburban settings. The general rate of violence in schools has significantly declined. However, harassments and conflicts are still prevalent.

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There are several probable contributors to school violence.

Students who had previous exposure to violence in the community or family may sometimes propagate or initiate violence in school. Due to their previous exposure to violence, these students may resort to violence whenever they are irritated by fellow students. The same applies to children who were neglected or abused at an early age. Due to emotional and physical trauma these students have been unable to fully recover emotionally. These students may also initiate violence on the slightest provocation.

Peer pressure has also led to increased violence in schools. This is whereby students engage in violent behavior in groups. They may bully and harass other students. In addition the situation may be aggravated by the use of drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Sometimes violence on the minority groups who are dismissed either due to their race , religion, social class, gender and other traits. Therefore, it important that teacher detects these anomalies before they escalate to serious levels.

The burden of reducing violence in schools lies with the administrator and the teachers who are constantly in direct interaction with the students. However, management of violence in school should accommodate the views of the neighboring community. With changing times and change of technology it may be worthwhile to revise programs that relate to prevention of school violence. The following methods will briefly assist in managing violence in schools.

Improving security in schools; the administration has to ensure that the school is a secure environment. This can be done through the employment of security personnel to ensure that there is adequate security in the compound. Visitors should sign a visitor’s book which should reflect the time they came in and left the school compound. In serious situations the school can use metal detectors to ensure that firearms are not brought into the compound.

Reporting; the administration should ensure this they are various reporting avenues. Reporting avenues will ensure that teachers and the administration get feedback from the students. This could be done by setting student administration through class prefects and monitors. This mechanism should ensure that students who display violent behaviors are reported promptly (Mcgregor, 2002). In addition to this the school should orchestrate a tenable parent outreach program to ensure that information regarding the student is forwarded promptly. The school should also set reasonable student regulations which should be fully disseminated to the student body. Those who are found guilty of offenses should be encouraged to enroll for the counseling program preferably provided by the school. In addition to this regular monitoring and evaluation should be conducted to ensure that nothing goes out of hand.

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