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Local enforcement is taking a back seat to pressures from homeland security and similar non-neighborhood or off-site threats. The expectations of law enforcement as first responder for homeland security have put an unachievable burden on local law enforcement since it has the explosion of crimes like identity theft. Local enforcement is not designed to support cooperation needed, officer lack training and technology to carry out the job. Traditional law enforcement is being left behind. Technological advancement will increase social vulnerability and fear, giving terrorists and the criminals’ new methods and opportunities as well as giving police new tools to stop them. Public policing will be customized to the individual in the near future in whereby policing style will differ from neighborhood to neighborhood depending on the threats to and needs of different citizens.  (Gene S. 2005).

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Future of policing

Most street crime involves victims from nearby communities. Prevention therefore includes analysis activity of the immediate area. Street crimes has been replaced by internet assisted crimes and terrorism. The future of policing depends on the society being policed. That is the social, economic, political realities and technological sophistication of the populace. In Iraq police use ‘combat policing’ methods and seek support from public. In theocracies and dictatorships, policing is dictated by protecting and serving the interests of leaders. Success is possible if the personnel come from better-educated and mentored applicants to fit into re-organized structure designed to meet the roles and policing demands. (Gene S. 2005).


There should be linkages with military and international boundary-less policing with aid of coordination of police at all levels with other agencies to eradicate crimes. The future of policing has also shifted from street crime to cyber crime and depends on the society being policed.

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