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The last mile is difficult to overcome, because people have used the advancement of technology to solve small problems such as health problems. They use complicated technology without assessing or conducting surveys of how this new technology will help in solving a social problem. Scientists will develop sophisticated equipment for people to use, yet they have not researched the perception or altitude people will have on this medical equipment. It makes overcoming the last mile difficult, because many of these social problems, which the advanced technology is meant to counter, are never able to be fully solved.

According to Senhil Mullainathan, overcoming the last mile will have to combine psychology where we are able to recognize the human mind in-depth; we have also to combine marketing and art in overcoming the last mile. Lastly, we have to incorporate scientific methods so as to overcome the last mile.

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My reaction to issues the speaker discusses is that people despite their knowledge tend to think in a systematic manner, which most of the times turns to be incorrect and thus causes a lot of problems. It, therefore, becomes necessary that people change their method of thinking.

Poor birth outcomes such as low birth weight increase chance of infant morbidity and mortality, child maltreatment and developmental delays. This problem of low birth weight can be solved through prenatal home visitation program, a program that aims at enhancing the effectiveness of prenatal care among socially disadvantaged pregnant adolescent and women. Other programs that can be used to curb low birth weight problem include smoke cessation campaign among pregnant mothers and adolescent, which is a leading cause of low birth weight problem. Furthermore, it is possible to conduct this campaign during pre-natal home visitings.

The social policy perspective on these issues includes a spectrum of strategies. These existing strategies mainly focus on influencing modifiable individual level factors, such as stress and maternal health. The current policy aims at improving women’s health over the lifecycle, fertility planning and encouraging women to engage healthy preconception behaviors. Behaviors change would be actually in line with the concept of rational choice theory, where the elementary unit of social life is normally the individual human action. These rational choices include smoking cessation and adherence to the prenatal health care over the pregnant lifecycle.

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