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Free Example of Special Education Essay

One of the current issues in special education is inclusion. Inclusion relates to social as well as educational values in special education. It focuses on educating each child despite of the child’s state. It involves bringing the education services to the child rather than the child would be going to search for the facilities. It also focuses on the personality of an individual. When addressing inclusion, our main focus is on whether we value our children equally. School authority’s main aim is to address the issue of inclusion mainly for children with special needs.

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), requires that individuals with disabilities be educated in least restraining setting, which is suitable to meet their restraining needs.  IDEA exerts that it is not appropriate to place all children in one setting, since it will disadvantage the children with disabilities.

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Assistive technology is another issue in special education. This explains a variety of technologies due to which children with disabilities should be assisted as much as possible. This will enable them to manage their daily lives effectively. Technologically advanced learning aids are crucial in horning children`s skills at a tender age. Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) is a rule requiring that all children should be able to have access to education without many handles. This includes disabled and those who are fit. Technology will, therefore, assist the disabled children have an equal opportunity in learning just like their counterparts. Assistive technology includes supplementary aids and other beneficial necessities.

Another issue in special education is that students should meet certain categories to qualify as individuals with special needs. In the current day education systems there should be abolishment of both categorical and non-categorical eligibility of students. Instead, there should be restructuring of the education system so as to provide equal opportunities to all students with disabilities.

One of the IDEA principles supporting all children’s access to education is the zero reject principle. It says that schools must educate all children with disabilities unconditionally. Children with severe disabilities have a right to have access to basic education just like their counterparts. Participation of both parents and students is also a powerful IDEA principle. Schools must establish means of collaboration with parents and students about issues relating to children’s welfare. This involves consultations and talks to understand the needs of students appropriately. This will enable the issues of students be addressed.

As an educator, the issues addressed will enable enhance the understanding of students` needs and challenges, which they face on daily bases. This will also enable me as an educator to learn how to identify, respond and support students with disabilities. The experience gained is crucial in helping an educator gain firsthand experience on special needs. By having to keep abreast of the case law and the fundamental findings, the educators can reduce making errors on different issues of the kids with disabilities.

The main question that the article raised for me is whether we genuinely value our children equally. This is because there are many issues that disabled children are subjected to, yet it is not through their making that they are disabled. Individuals with disabilities should have access to human rights just like other students. My area of focus would be abuses, neglect and discrimination that disabled students go through in the course of their studies. As a human rights crusader, I would advocate for full compliance of all the principles of IDEA so as to make the learning process of individuals with disabilities fair.

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