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Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc in 1976. Its headquarters are in California and it is known for the production of Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad, iOs operating systems and iTunes. Apple is a successful company and the many new products that it introduces can illustrate this. It was able to take a big market share of mobile phones after it introduced iPhone. Furthermore, introduction of iTunes makes it to earn significant revenues due to the sales of online music. Apple is a successful company because it offers wide range of products that are user friendly and the contributions it received from Steve Jobs.

One of the reasons that Apple is successful is that it offers wide ranges of products that are user friendly. The interface of iPone and iPad is easy to navigate and understand. Recently, Apple introduced cloud computing storage. By utilizing this form of storage, it is possible for people to store music from iTunes, pictures taken by their iPhones and videos from the iPads in one location. It helps users to access all their stored data from location. Moreover, Macintosh computer is easy to navigate since it uses graphical user interface. The software that are produced by Apple are also easy to operate since most of them use similar commands. Since products from Apple are user friendly, consumers develop brand loyalty and it makes them to purchase these products despite the price that they might be retailing at. It makes this company to earn significant revenues making it able to sustain its operations. Apple is able to strengthen its brand portfolio since it offers wide range of products. After the sales of iPhone started declining, apple introduced iPad. Introduction of iPad helped it to boost its overall revenues.

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Apple is also a successful company because of the contributions it received from Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs always stressed on the importance of launching perfect products. It took him three years to develop and introduce Macintosh to the market. He always stressed to the hardware engineers the importance of all the products matching the needs of consumers. Steve Jobs also chose the pricing strategy that Apple adopts. Most of the products that Apple offers have higher profit margins compared to the products offered by its competitors. Consumers always associate high prices with quality products. This helps in boosting the sales that Apple earns. It makes this company to have enough money to conduct research and development programs for the introduction of new innovative products.

To conclude, Apple is a successful company because it offers wide range of products that are user friendly and the contributions it received from Steve Jobs. The operating system of most of its products is easy to navigate. In addition, it offers cloud storage making it possible for consumers to store photographs, music and videos in one storage location. Its strong brand portfolio makes it earn revenues even if the sales of one of its products perform poorly. Steve Jobs also contributed greatly to the success of Apple. He always stressed on perfectionism when launching products. He also introduced the pricing policy that Apple has for all its products. This pricing policy concentrates on high profit margins for all the products offered to the consumers.

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