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Free Example of Survey Essay

The survey conducted is based on the students’ response to services delivered to them by the University during their periods of stay within the campus. The respondents were all students within the campus.

The survey goal. To obtain sincere opinions from students regarding the services provided to them by the University administration.

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Survey sample. The target population for the survey research are the genuine students of the university, both government sponsored and self-sponsored. A total of 500 students are to be surveyed since the number correlates well with the available time for the study, budget and the necessary precision.

The sample chosen is partially unbiased since the targets are directly affected by services provided by the university in one way or another. Daytime interviews are appropriate since they capture both resident and non-resident students attending lectures.

Survey quotas. Sample size for a sub-group (quota) is established to ensure that the sample reflects two relevant groups within the student population:-

  • Resident students
  • Non-resident students

This enables us to analyze each response as a distinct group since both groups receive different services from the university administration. The questionnaires or interview pattern will therefore be a bit different for these two groups.

Selected optimal survey method. An optimal survey method is the one that is significant for responding to research questions appropriately and is able to handle constraints imposed by time, finance and human resources. This can be achieved by analyzing the objectives of the research and comparing them with the merits and demerits of the available survey methods. In this case we settle on personal interviews as our survey method since it has the capability of giving us an in-depth and detailed response from the students because the interaction involves the interviewer and the students directly.

Another reason why we settle on personal interviews is that the respondents (students) are located in a centralized place hence minimize transport cost as we reap on the benefits of one-on-one interaction.

Questionnaire Design

A questionnaire was established to obtain information from the students through questions asked. Consider the questionnaire below:

  1. Under what student category are you?
  • Self-sponsored student
  • Government sponsored student


  1. How many hours do you spend in the campus per week? _________


  1. How would you rate the services you get from the university?
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor


  1. On a scale where 5 means the sector where you receive a quality service from the university administration and 1 means receive the lowest quality service, how would you rate services provided in the following sectors?


                 Health services   ________

                 Library services  ________

                 Lectures              ________

                 Entertainment  _________

  1. How much do you agree with the following statements?

                                                                                               Strongly    Agree   Disagree   Strongly


        The university provides services that  enhance                 ____       ____       ____            conducive learning environment


        The university should review its service delivery              ____       _____      _____  

































This essay has designed a survey for University students, which has been based on the services the University provides. Hopefully it has improved our general knowledge of surveys and their importance in assessing different modalities.

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