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Life is a path full of experiences, interactions and interrelations that involve people, institutions and incidences that in one way or the other, shapes up a person’s world view (Beckford, 2007). My life, like any other has gone through certain experiences that are unique hence responsible for my unique personality. In this paper, my autobiography is briefly highlighted, with specific intentional focus on experiences that are viewed as most significant in shaping my Christian world view. This varies from birth and family background, educational and religious upbringing, professional experiences and other significant life changing experiences.

Birth and Family Life

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I was born in mid 1980s in a small town of Crocket Texas which is majorly occupied by Americans of African origin. My maternal and paternal ancestry has outstanding records of academic excellence.  For instance, one of my maternal uncles under whose care I was brought up was a graduate with Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice while one of my paternal aunts was a professor and a principal in the college in Houston Texas. Despite such brilliant origin, none of my parents had a clear academic excellence.  My mother made an attempt to enroll in a local college, but had to drop out in order to attend to my younger brother who suffered long illness from sickle cell anemia.

My dad was more African than mum who was little bit of American, and I had to find myself floating in between the two cultures. My dad had several relationships and each of them was marked by at least a number of children, making me to have 21 siblings from my dad and only two from my mum.  When I was 10 years of age, my parents separated, making him completely lost from my memory. The Christian intended union between man and woman as recorded in Gen 1:27 was completely distorted in our family.

The only male figure that was close to me was my uncle, who was a Methodist Pastor hence planted some Christian values in my life. Being a second born in a house hold of three, my elder sister Cheryl became my best friend and mentor in life, but she passed on at age 22 while pursuing a degree in Medicine. This sad scene was followed by other deaths of very close relatives in my family, including a step grand mother, an aunt, and three uncles just within a time span of one year. This exposed me to a lot of bitterness, shame and un-forgiveness, even against God himself. It was so hard for me to understand why God who is perceived to be good, merciful kind and loving could allow all these to happen to our family.

Educational and Professional Background

After completing my primary education, I joined Crockett High School.  This gave me new challenges.  My thirst for friendship and company made me hook up with wrong students whose character was the most wanting in the entire institution. Kuusisto (2011) cited that peer influence determines the performance potentials of learners in the learning process. Even though I was naturally bright, my performance had begun to depreciate.

Upon completion of High School, I secured a chance to study Mathematics and Science in Texas Southern University [TSU] in Houston. Here, I was again exposed to fellows whose character and integrity were very questionable. As a result of this, I could not avoid the temptation of drinking, a thing I had never dreamt of in life. Furthermore, my chastity became greatly challenged by my room-mate who was in repeated love affairs with different men just within our single room. Again, it took a divine intervention for me to stop drinking and cut links with these fellows whose lifestyles were not in line with my personal beliefs. The biblical truth that indicates that; ‘’Bad company corrupts good moral’’ [1Cor 15:33] begun to convict me time by time (The Holy Bible, 1984). After this resolution, my academic gift was propelled to the extent that I managed to further my studies at Belhaven University and expect to graduate in November 2012.

The first job I ever did was at a position of a maid in Houston. I did not appreciate the position at all hence transferred to another farm where I served as a security officer, a position that I hated most as a lady. From there, I shortly worked with an insurance company which hardly paid me. I had to quit the job immediately and with the help of one of my teachers, I got employed with an organization known as Key Surgical Assistance for Cardiologists. Though this job was to some extent self fulfilling, it also did not last long before my tenure ended. I suffered joblessness for a short while but later was absorbed at Salazi Medical Clinic. The new challenge here is that my boss never appreciated my service at all. The best I got out of this position was a connection with an ambulance company that hired me as a cording specialist, and quickly promoted me to the position of an office manager by 2010, a position I hold to this date.

Religious Upbringing and Life Changing Experiences

My Christian religious roots traces back to my interaction with my uncle who being a Baptist Pastor, led us to church on few occasions. However, when I left home for distant schooling, my faith was not very steady. I only remembered to invoke prayers and read my Bible when I realized my life and faith was at danger and needed a divine intervention. However, the most religious transforming moment was in 2009 when a friend, by the name Sharron Scott invited me to her local church. After several invitations, I decided to attend one of their services and my life was totally transformed, making me to renew my commitment in Christian faith. This depicts the role of peers in socialization process (Haan, 2008).

My interaction with people, in Texas Southern University, whose backgrounds in terms of parenting and relationships were worse than my own made me to appreciate who I am, my background and more so, my single mother (Bukatko & Daehler, 2012).  The employment of my mum at TDCJ also impacted my life. This was a real liberation to her and to the entire family after a long season of economic struggle. It was at this point that the Biblical message of experiencing full joy as recorded in Philippians 4:4 became relevant to me (The Holy Bible, 1984).

In conclusion, my personal Christian worldview has been widely shaped by my personal life experiences. For instance, my perception about family and community to a wide extent leans towards Christendom as opposed to biological nuclear and extended family orientations. Throughout my childhood, my biological family was much distorted, leaving the church as the only reliable institution for socialization. I have also learnt t by experience as a Christian to accept, love and appreciate all humanity irrespective of their background. This has to begin from self before it is expressed to a second and third party. This is based on the fact that even those who suffer among us are at times innocent and not responsible for their pathetic situations of life. I therefore believe in a peaceful co-existence with the vulnerable members of the society.

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