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First of all, it is important to define the teratogen.  Scholars from the Purdue University define it as a drug or other substance, which may interfere with the embryo fetus development and after that lead to the developmental malformations or birth defects. At the same time, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the presence of the teratogenic materials in the lab doe not directly uncover the fact that some type of exposing has taken its place or that the teratogenic or embryotxic effects are already experienced.

The next issue to be discussed in the scopes of this paper is the actions, which should, be undertaken by the society in order to prevent such harmful effects.  First of all, during the prenatal development, the nutrients and oxygen are to be provided by the placenta. In addition, the protein is to be provided from everything, what may have a harmful effect for the unborn child. At the same time it is important to put an emphasis on ten fact that the placenta may be bypassed by the teratogens, which , in turn, are considered by Frias, as “the agents, such as chemicals and viruses, that can reach the embryo or fetus during prenatal development and cause harm".

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As an example, it is possible to consider the case when the excessive alcohol is consumed by the woman during her pregnancy and the child is placed under the risk of mental and physical retardation, which is also known as FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). After the alcohol is consumed by the pregnant woman, it placenta barrier is crossed by it. The premature body of baby is not able to break down the alcohol from the blood as the body of an adult can. In such case, there is a probability of the higher alcohol level, which harms the baby.  According o the statistical data, 1 of 750 infants are born each year with FAS. The core characteristics of this syndrome are small eyes and flat face. Aksslo, the probability of unproper development of brain and organs of eth infant exists. That is why it is important to state a fact that the lifelong physical disabilities and the set of difficulties in the areas of attention concentration, learning and memory are caused by the FAS (the result of harmful teratogen factors).

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