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Free Example of The Effects of Work Related Stress Essay

Stress is a condition that refers to adverse reaction that people have as a result of excessive pressure or other forms of demand, which is placed on them. Stress in the workplace differs from the normal pressures which can be motivating to employees. In addition, the workplace stress can have detrimental effects to the health of workers and can reveal itself through the physical health problems, such as, anxiety or depression. Few people will talk about stress. However, at the workplace, when employees are stressed, they are not be able to understand how to tackle the issue and may have a feeling of stigmatization attached to admitting to feeling stress at the workplace. Therefore, this may result into symptoms of stress being further exasperated to people, particularly at the work place environment. According to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), deals with occupational health and safety, it was projected that in 1995/1996, stress at the workplace was costing the people particularly the U.K employees approximately £ 381 million annually and cost the society approximately £3.7 /3.8 billion. May (2002) observe that by 2003, the figure had doubled, and this implied that stress at the work place is on the increase.  In the 2007/2008 stress at the workplace accounted for the loss for 13.5 million workdays. Therefore, there is a need for an urgent action to be taken to tackle the issues of workplace stress. In the healthcare workplace environments where workplace related stress is rampant, employees are usually involved in high demanding roles which increase their stress levels which also affects their health problems. The data were obtained from 1,500 hospitals that had participated in previous studies and investigated staff across eight European countries. The main aim is to understand the differences in work health relationships among the selected countries in Europe. The findings were also supported by previous studies conducted by studies. However, there is no relationship between work control and the health of the hospital staff. This implies that having more control on the employee’s workload never contribute to better health of employees. This is contrasting to other studies since it had been found that having control over work reduced the negative impacts on work stress on an employee’s health. In the healthcare context, the employees have limited control over their work load hence; they are not capable of applying these mechanisms of controlling their work life balance in order to minimize stress There are differences in the work health relationships for employees working in the healthcare setting, especially in different European countries. For instance, the health of employees in the Eastern European hospitals were affected by doing overtime work. The authors also claim that the health of employees is affected, not just by the work place conditions, individual conditions, but may also be affected by the society or the broader institutional context, which is affected by the public expenditure on healthcare, job market as well as, health policy, therefore, employees may have more freedom and flexibility at work hence, develop more health benefits.

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Research Questions:

The basis of this proposal will be guided by the following questions

  1. To what extent do hospital staff in the UK have control over their work flexibility and how does this influence work related stress?
  2. What is the nature of stress at the hospital workplace environment?
  3. How does work stress affect the health and wellbeing of the employees?
  4. What are the best steps to manage work related stress at the hospitals working environment?

Aims and objectives

The main objectives of this study are:

  1. To examine the prevalence of work related stress, and the manner is associated with the multiple health problems to employees
  2. To take into considerations the potential effectiveness of the proposal to minimize stress at the workplace environment
  3. To identify directions for future studies in the professional area.

Methodology and Methods:

Primary and secondary sources will be applied to obtain vital information for the study. In formation on the effect of stress will be obtained through library research, relevant journals and publications which will constitute secondary research.  The researcher will use interviews to obtain vital information for the study. Interviews are useful because it provides information based on individual feelings, perceptions and beliefs. These will be the primary research which will constitute the actual findings. Denscombe (2008) argued that interviews are crucial since they provide information which is sensitive and complex, and based on inaccessible or privileged information. The study will be designed to investigate the effects of work related stress on the physical health or employees. The basis of this study will present a vivid as well as informal investigation to assist in identifying the effects of stress, its management and to reveal the causes for the causes of stress. When performed with the main aim of finding out the relevant data related to the topic under investigation the qualitative methods that the researcher will apply is in-depth interviews, focus groups, as well as, observation methods. The main aim of the quantitative research will be to develop theories as well as, hypotheses which are related to the natural phenomena. The best methodology to be used when carrying out the study will be based on problem identification, the type of respondents, the identification of the especial components that will require specific attention during the research design, and the necessary steps to avoid the biases during the research procedure.

Ethical Consideration:

The central ethical principle of consideration will be of Autonomy and the participation of the selected respondents to be on a voluntary basis and be informed. The confidentiality of will be maintained throughout the study. The researcher will ensure that there will be no any misrepresentation on the information gathered on behalf of the researcher. The self respect of the participants will be adhered to and maintained. The protection of the privacy of the respondents will be the privacy of the researcher; hence all the identities of the respondent will be made confidential in order to comply with their demand. The interviewees will be provided with the opportunity to decline any question which they will feel uncomfortable to answer.

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