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One of the contemporary issues that surrounds the life of Christians and need to be addressed is the human predicament. Most philosophers have tried to unravel the problem without success. According to most believers context there is no real solution to human predicament and is only through God and Jesus Christ that this human difficult situation can be resolved to restore humans’ peace. Most people want to be on the right when nobody knows what the right thing is without God’s intervention.

According to Nietzsche on the concept of human development there is no reliable way to ascertain truth without a supreme being like God. When the scholar clearly states that ‘God is Dead’ he implies that there is a continuous decrease in religion which is a basis for instilling moral values to the society. What he meant is that all the moral values and the truth had lost its validity to the society because of mans belief in nihilism and living without the bearing in mind the existence of the Lord God. This implies that if mans’ life without the existence of God is doomed. Without God there is no moral value thus leading to a life that is absurd (Nietzsche, 58).

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How man is condemned to be free according to Sartre.

When Sartre poses a statement “Man is condemned to be free” he tries to explain human beings are account for everything they do. If God is not in existence people tend to live a condemned life of freedom without morals that controls the behavior.  In addition the philosopher elaborate on the fact how each individual creates his own or her morality because of freedom to do what he or she wants and making their own decisions.  In this case if God existed then man could not make decisions (Kaufmann, 348).

Sartre is adamant in that human beings tend to assume that they are strong on their own. This is caused by one’s self deception which is a bad faith as human beings encounter the consequences of their freedom. They pretend to think as if they are a solid object, only to realize they were deceiving themselves and operating in bad faith (Sartre, 485).

The significance of the statement “Hell is other people” here Sarte is revealing that other Christians in existence have enhanced their ethics from the other peoples work. The reason for this is there is no intervention on what is right or wrong. This ethics are posed to others to follow leaving the God driven ethics thus life becomes absurd  (Sartre, 450).

The story of the myth of Sisyphus as narrated by Albert Camus to Christians.

In the story of the myth of Sisyphus as analogy to existential notion of the Absurd, Sisyphus is view as an absurd hero who did not stop rolling the stone even after the caution of the gods. Camus uses the story to explain that life has no meaning. This signifies the rebellious of human mind to God’s way thus tormenting his or her life and no effect on God. This teaches believers that these world which is represented as the stone in the story, without the Supreme Being is void. The suffering and pains is man’s his own predicaments (Hanna, 69).

Overall man’s separation with God and his suffering is because of his on predicament. The moral values have lost its vitality to the society. However Jesus Christ came to revive back man’s fallen because of sins through forgiveness and repentance. Thus Christians can fight human predicament through accepting Jesus Christ. The human beings have continued to fight their own difficult situation with their self deception among themselves thus putting them separable with God. To overcome this Christians need to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

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