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When we narrow down to Karl Rove, he was portrayed as bearing responsibility as the senior advisor to the former United States president. The former white house chief of staff has born the rath of anti-war activists. He has been accused of lying on the potent of the Iraq war on America. Many have refused to belief that the Iraq war was not driven by individuals within the Bush administration.

The Iraq war is therefore an example of how the aspect or factors of individuals in government shape foreign policy and undertakes actions that end up accelerating a country towards war. The personality of Sadam Huseein also played role in accelerating the war. The regime shift was marked with the entrance of Karl Rove, among other personalities associated with the bush administration. The previous administration had strived to respect the resolutions of the UNSC, with the latter having advocated for peaceful disarmament. The United States international policy was advocating for a regime change in Iraq. A country’s foreign policy therefore remains an important factor as far as causes of war are concerned.

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The countries institutions also play an important role in passing resolution that allows war. The individuals in a state play an important role in convincing the relevant organs on the justification of war. As for the Iraq war, the individuals were key in convincing the United Nations organs and the citizenly that the best option was confrontation that would guarantee regime change in Iraq. The ruling elite in the United States sought to justify the war on Iraq. The war on Iraq was presented to the United States republic as part of war on terror. The idea was linked to the 9/11 attacks, though preliminary investigation did not link Iraq to the attacks. The United States also went ahead and presented its case for the Iraq war as efforts to enforce the United Nations resolutions. The white house put a lot of effort to present a case against the Iraq regime.

The administration of president bush moved with seal to place Iraq at the center of the occurrence of the 9/11 attacks. The United States was pursuing its international policy, and contradicted the United Nation peaceful resolution approach. To sell the idea of war with Iraq and justify confrontation as opposed to UNs peaceful resolution, the United States administration created what was referred to as the white house Iraq group. The group incorporated the United States secretary of State, Condolleza Rice, the chief of staff of the president, who was then Andrew Card, and Karl Rove among many more. The role of the group was to sell the war to the members of Public of the United States. From the events discussed, the individual and ruling elite role in the Iraq war cannot be overstated.

The individuals believed that the war was the only justified way of ensuring the regime change in Iraq and guarantee the security of the United States citizenry. President Bush and the inner circle of his administration supported the Iraq Wore and played important role in shaping events leading to wore. The presidents had already resolved on the path to take. The individuals or the ruling elite in the bush administration main duty was convincing other members of the administration that wore in Iraq was justified. They had made their mind and resolved to go to wore with Iraq, whether the UNSC supported that approach or not The individuals in the bush administration were key in urging the president on and dissuading him from seeking further UN resolutions as the latter would delay the war on Iraq (Richie et el,2007:90 ).

In conclusion, we see the individuals in a regime driven by their personality and even desire for honor; play a role in determining the onset in interstate wars. The individual personality shapes their beliefs and they convincingly sell their beliefs to the ruling elite and the general public as was the case of Karl Rove and the other members of the members of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG). The individual members of the United States ruling elite propagated the rhetoric that the risk that would posed by going to war with Iraq was little compared to the risk of taking no action. The individuals also convinced the masses that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The conservative United State think tank supported the war rhetoric and the need for regime change in Iraq as a way of checking the weapons of mass destruction. The United States administration had individuals who played a critical role in moving the country together with the allies into the interstate wore with Iraq.

The individuals and the ruling elite, plays an important role in shaping the counties international policy and escalating the interstate wars. The individual in the ruling elite takes advantage of some occurrences to prove their conviction for war. An example is the 9/11 bombing of the twin towers in the United States. The United States president as an individual portrayed determination to go down history as an individual who pre-empted an eminent attack on his country, by initiating a regime change in Iraq. His resolve was supported y the members of his inner circle, Karl Rove included.

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