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The phenomenological and cognitive perspectives emphasize the importance of people's inner experience and thinking.  A person’s character is governed by his or her own way of thinking. People tend to act the way they do as a way of externalizing the information in the inner self. The way people react to various situations is mainly governed by the stimulus they are exposed to. Simply put, our thinking is affected by the environment we live in, feelings and past experiences and to some extent those around us.

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The phenomenological perspectives and the cognitive perspectives theories are based on various aspects. First, they are based on the assumptions and observations a person makes over a period of time.  The conception of an idea for example remains at that until it is actualized. This is totally different from the imaginative ability of a person. For instance, one might conceive an idea of building a house which until the actual work is completed remains in that person's mind. Secondly, people have a fully developed phenomenological identity of their perceptual experiences which may be spatial, intentional, phenomenal, and temporal.        

Theories of thinking do not necessarily translate to the actual execution of the human mind in delivering cognizable information from the stimulus derived from the senses in a way applicable to a conscious mind. The subconscious mind has its fair share of determining people’s behavior too. The intent to take action stems from the awareness of a perceived act and thinking is just a way to prepare one to act. The cause and effect of thinking in the relative world are not measurable or weighed. Due to intellect limitation, it is when people start to understand themselves that they realize the ‘larger reality’ which is beyond what they actually know.

A desirable and healthy way to think usually focuses on the past, present, and future in a bid to experience freedom in life. Individual ways of thinking contribute too much to one's behavior. In reality, people spend half of the time reliving the past in an unhealthy perspective and the vicious circle keeps repeating itself either consciously or subconsciously leading to bad relationships, bad decisions, and eventually failure in life.  Almost half of a person’s thinking capacity is engaged with future uncertainties leaving people with little time to engage in any meaningful activities of the present. This translates to progression in people’s way of thinking. The past should be given less time and people should concentrate more on the present which will definitely shape their future.  The best behavioral traits to pick from the past are the successes in order to avoid failures in the future. Visualization of the future gives one time to be engaged in the present. This is the most practical human learning process as it encompasses the actual inner personal experience and thinking.

Most individuals have general ideas but the attempt to find positive consciousness in their brains leads to failure unless they fully understand what actually they are looking for, to begin with. Most negative phenomenology perspectives lead to bad theories, especially if people take to wrong thinking. Arrogance and self-confidence help to explain the ways to attain self-actualization. Arrogance on its part stems from the inability of individuals to articulate their feeling or their ideas to the other ‘audience’ while self-confidence results from the self-realization of the subconscious mind awakening the conscious function and articulate notions in the mind to be understood not only to the individual but any target audience.

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