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Humans and animals were created with five senses very important for their survival. The five senses utilized by both animals and humans are smell, touch, taste, sight as well as hearing. The powers of the five senses are exemplified in their functions and importance to human and animal survival through the daily happenings. The importance of the five senses to humans and animals is explored in details to reveal their power.  


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The five senses are powers that animals and humans use to perceive certain objects necessary and important for their daily survival. The sense of sight gives both animals and humans the power to perceive color. The sense of sight, therefore, is the first actuality of the eye. The power to perceive sound is enabled by the sense of sound. The sense of hearing can help blind animals and humans to locate various places through a phenomenon called echolocation. Perceiving a sense-object needs the power found in the capacity to change the sense-object. For example, when humans perceive sense-object, the sense-faculty is altered by the sense-object to become like it.  

The sense of smell can also help in locating people or some animals. The scent of an animal or a human can be used to locate the destination of the animal or human through its scent trail (Hughes, 2010). The power of touch is used by the hunters to trap the male elephants. The touch of the female elephants on the male elephants has the capacity to make the male elephants forget the world, making them vulnerable target for the hunters. The power of taste also can be used to capture some animals like the fish, which taste the baits and get hooked. The five senses have the power and the tendency to enslave targets objects to particular organs, eventually leading to such calamities as death.

In conclusion, the five senses have different powers to ensnare different animals and humans. Attachment of both humans and animals to their sense organs makes them vulnerable to certain risks and calamities. Nonetheless, the five senses are very important to the survival of the animal kingdom and in the absence of one or more of the senses, the remaining senses act together to replace the functionality of the absent sense to facilitate its role and survival of the animal or human.

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