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Free Example of Trojan Condoms Essay

The target market targeted by the Trojan condoms varieties is adults who are sexually active. The sexually active individuals engage in sexual activities frequently. Some of these individuals have more than one sexual partner. This exposes them to risks of venereal diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. In addition to these diseases sexual activities of this nature may expose individuals to unwanted pregnancies straining their marriages or causing school going girls to drop out of school. Though it is not wise to include young people of the school going age in the bracket of the sexually active individuals who engage in sexual activity, the fact is that they participate in sex and it is wise if the were educated on the need to use condoms. As such Trojan condoms is a product made for those who engage in sexual activities to help them protect themselves against the risks of contracting venereal diseases and getting unwanted pregnancies.

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The Trojans condoms are suitable for users from all walks of life. They are easily available and essay to use. The condom like most condoms has a shelf life of about 4-5 years since their manufacturing date.

Market segmentation

Despite having been branded the American number one condom brand, Trojan condoms face stiff completion from other condoms such as Lifestyle condoms, Durex condoms and One condoms among other that are not yet popular. However, Trojan enjoys the bigger share of the market with over 70% market share (Marketing Teacher. Com).

Using the product

I would certainly use the product because if is a dependable brand. No brand can manage to get the title “America’s number one condom brand” if it isn’t   good brand. The condoms are manufactured proper and undertaken through various tests that ensure they are of the right quality. The condom has spacious semen reservoir and little latex smell (Trojan).

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