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Wright’s designs have stood till today, about seventy five percent; four of which have been lost to the forces of nature and several intentionally destroyed during his life time. The waterfront house one of the best known of his works for W. L. Fuller in Pass Christian, Mississippi was destroyed by Hurricane Camille in August 1969. The design is a dazzling piece of art that is truly in harmony with nature, where the fall becomes part of the house.

The feature that I find most outstanding of this particular design is the hanging Concrete balconies cantilever at right angles from the house’s vertical stone core, and a balcony off the main living space extends over the waterfall. It has been even greatly borrowed in today’s design which gives a feeling of a suspension on the air. With a stare case from the living room leading to the waterfall, it offered a great point of venture.

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However, its design being over the fall makes it vulnerable to the hurricanes and the fall forces as well, this is due to its edges and its box shape. The design would have blended perfect into nature if he had designed it with smooth curved edges. This would have both improved its aesthetic feel and made it less vulnerable to the environmental by reducing the forces of the hurricane. With the wooded glen that surrounding the house, it was visible from every room; it obscured the full view of nature that surrounded the house.

Notable the hanging concrete balcony is the most visible on the entire design; this is due to its color and the choice of the finishing being too smooth. I however do not feel it blends with its environs considering bellow it is a rock. I would have chosen a rather rough rocky texture as its balcony finish; this would have camouflaged it into its surrounding nature.

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