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As she ran down the corridor, Taunet Nelel skidded all the way across the floor as she tried to turn around the corner. It was not her way of doing getting late to the workplace. Eight thirty was the time on her clock, thirty minutes late. They had to compile and put in place the result of the research they had been undertaking. Taunet worked in a laboratory along with four other colleges, Jane, Bill, Sophie and the research leader Johnson. Johnson was their boss to whom they all submitted the reports. She had been working in the laboratory for five years since she was twenty-four years of age, as had everyone else that was in that lab. She took her interviews that proved her worthy of the position she then held under the supervision of Johnson. Taunet loved her job until this morning. As she continued panting, she threw herself into the seat, opposite her friends Bill, Sophie and Jane all glowering at her over their tea. Johnson had not yet arrived in the room.

“This is the time you show up?” Bill said, clearly annoyed.

“You should have known her by now Bill,” Jane replied, laughing under her breath, “She is never on time. It is her nature.” Taunet barely heard anything having noticed that her boss had seen her on her way into the building. She knew she was in for trouble.

Taunet immaturely poked her tongue out to Bill and raised her hand flickering to order a coffee.

“Taunet, is there any benefit that we are not aware of for doing that?” Bill continued, ignoring Taunet’s tongue pokes.

“You mean you cannot see that the meeting has already taken place? N kt!” he kept on full of deception. The rest were just chatting on and not heeding any word that emanated from these two rivals. Taunet did not know the source of their rivalry. Bill always wished he could get a way to have Taunet laid off to acquire the title assistant head researcher. This would not happen given the role that Taunet played in the research.

“Your attitude to the general meetings needs attention,” Bill kept on. “If you are not through compiling your notes by the time Johnson walks through that door, well I do not know about Jane and Sophie, but I am going without you on this experiment.” Taunet’s tea arrived she gurgled it down fast and she was through even before those she met already served.

“Don’t you people know how to save time?” she snapped.

It took Johnson longer than they were used to arrive at such meetings, but then he always had a plan in mind. Johnson was a wiry, thin, tall person normally wearing suits all week through and ties that he kept unfastening in the heat. There was no more time for Bill to pass any more rude comment towards Taunet. Johnson walked into the room with a file in his hand as usual during serious meetings.

“Good morning mates. Hope you had a good sleep last night now that we have a bone to chew today.” All were quiet. However, Taunet was not concentrating just thinking what she would accomplish by the end of the day if all were to go well. She just saw Johnsons’s lips move up and down. It was hard to tell if she heard a word of what he was saying.

“Taunet are we together here? Bill why do you give that grin on your face to Taunet when I mentioned her name,” Johnson asked with a lot of concern.

“It is nothing boss. It is only that he cannot keep his comments to himself. He cannot take it that I came in late for once. He is just disgusting,” Taunet said, not holding any of the anger she held all along.

“Bill, please do not be unfair to the lady. I also knew that she came in late but said nothing. I also came in late do you have a problem with that?”

The room was grave silent for a moment.

“Now can I have what each of the reports you worked on for the last two months?”

They all got into their files, pinched out some files and handed it out.

“This is all? Okay then let us get down to business”. Bill held back a part of the report crucial to what they were doing. The research was based on chemical purification. Bill’s part was to prepare an essential gas carbon monoxide. The part that pointed out that it should be tightly covered during its preparation was missing. Not much care was put in place. Nitrogen monoxide’s triggers a brain part that makes people dizzy, truthful and laugh lungs out hence its other name is the laughing gas. The incident took a comic twist given that Bill also did not know its effect on humans although it lacks permanent damages, when the gas takes its effect in full swing. Thank God everybody was under its control then, because were it not Bill would have lost his job having confessed to Johnson the whole truth about the missing report papers.

“Let us get out of here, I am going without you if you even can notice that there is a gas leak,” Taunet cried out.

She knew exactly what was happening to them.

“Johnson hahahahah you mean you did not notice that some papers were missing? Hahaha” Bill laughed.

“I am extremely frank I did not” Johnson said as he laughed.

Soon they were exhausted and the effect was all gone.

“What happened? I thought… never mind. Have a happy end of year pals.”

No one had the slightest idea of what had taken place. Taunet is the only one who did not suffer the repercussions of Bill’s deceptions. When asked about why he lied later in the day, he was able to have his way out by convincing Johnson that such things do happen, and it was amusing because they learnt a valuable lesson. Johnson took the blander lightly and made it water under the bridge.

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