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In his article, Jad Mouawad finally focuses on a much-neglected dilemma that is only increasing.  Mouawad goes undercover working for the consumer in trying to find out the reason behind the air travel dilemma attacking the nation’s local travelling.  The author’s main claim is that because of economic recessions and budget cuts, larger airports and airlines are more financially secure, whereas smaller airlines and local travel quality is being compromised.  Because of this, travelers are paying the high amounts of money for lowered quality air travel. 

Prior to the economic despair, travelers relied heavily on local airlines for local trips, whether for business or leisure.  However, smaller airline companies have lost contracts to direct flights, thus hindering their quality and quantity of customers.  The few direct travel packages which are available come at great costs, which the average American cannot longer afford.  Therefore, travelers are sacrificing comfort and time to get from one destination to another.  For instance, the author follows Josh Hunter’s trip from Mobile, AL to Cincinnati for a holiday trip.  With no direct flights, it took Hunter “two connections and a two-hour drive” to reach his destination. 

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Furthermore, business gurus shake their heads in despair at the economic downfall of local airline companies, which suffer due to the increased fuel prices and lowered customer demands.  The greatest business loss is being experienced by small airports which are undergoing bankruptcy, because direct flights are no longer available and larger air hubs are taking in all the profits.  The chain of events continues downhill for these small airlines as they fail to seal contract deals with sponsors who view them as unnecessary in the travel routes.  As for the travelers, unfortunately, they prefer to drive a few hours to larger airports in order to access cheaper airfare.  Ultimately, it is a lose-lose situation for both travelers and local airlines.

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