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What is a race? Race was created in USA the mixing of the many ideas, thinking in culture. This race related with ideas originated during the European era as they travelled and conquered Asia, Africa and America. When African were brought forcibly to Virginia in 1916 the wealth and religion were their status traits not their physical characteristics. After that skin color was the mark of status as the English ancestors at the top, African and American at the bottom. Race science developed in America and today we are alike humans from common ancestors although we have differences among us.

Quiz was taken and scored 90% that is excellent.

Link Race Blog is more informative as it relates with our main subject. It gives us the clear views of Americans about the race and its effects on the economy of the America. Due to this race idea a project is started to find the solution of the social issues as a part of the racial setting in America.

What is human race? A project conducted to study the human race by the history, science and lived experience. Racism makes a difference from the human variation. Various questions related to race are answered. What are the messages conveyed by this program?

  • Races are the recent human inventions
  •  Race is concerned with culture not with biology
  • In daily life race is embedded in institutions

From the AAA Statement on Race we have learnt that genetic material is factor which has kept all humankind a single species. Many scholars say that race has been derived by the social mechanism in America. Physical traits of the Americans, Africans and Asians are considered the cause of the status differences among these nations. American thought about the superiority of Europeans and inferiority of the black Indians as linked with race and was given importance. Colonial powers also used the race to divide and conquer and control other regions in the world.


AAA clears that physical traits of humans of different regions in the world are not the rational behind the race, but other socio-economic factors as educational reforms and political awareness are the key role player actors in America. Open programs like a project on race can provide useful information to public to understand the history and evolution of race in America.

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