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Free Example of American Impressionism and Realism Essay

The school under consideration is American impressionism and realism. The most remarkable masterpieces of this school are “Self-Portrait” (1884), “The Fairy-Tale (1892), and “Reflections” (1894) by William Merritt Chase; “Picnic by the Inlet” (1918-1923) by Maurice Prendergast; “September Sunshine” (1895) by John Twatchman and many others. These artworks embody the qualities identified with this school of art: tiny brush touches, sparkling colors full of light, accurate lines and angles, and scenes from ordinary life.

The medium of the work consists of the aim to convey bright colors and imperceptible vibrations of nature, as well as its breath and energy in order to let the viewer to feel the highest harmony. The characteristics of impressionist masterpiece make the finished artwork of this flow a special medium, which is able to reveal the tiniest and the most wonderful moments of life.

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The significance of this school in terms of its influence and historical context is rather important as “American Impressionism” signified with an active intervention of the United States in art. In spite of the fact that mainly American impressionists and realists were inspired by French artists, their art flow was distinguished by several features which were not indicative for European style. American impressionism and realism were oriented on American reality. Using elements of art and principles of design of traditional impressionism and realism, the artists depicted objects and scenes from new era. Abundance of things such as cars, telegraph, telephone, typewriter, etc., outlined American impressionism and realism in the context of the world art history and gave birth to authentic American culture.

The use of abstraction or realism adds more philosophical meaning to the artwork through the unusual shadows, lines and colors. It helps to see ordinary things from another perspective, when even the smallest detail or object is full of meaning and importance in making harmony in the world.

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