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In this scenario, the second-year student suffered from discrimination based on his or her physical disability which could not allow him or her to access the building like other fellow students. Reluctance of the administration of the State College to modify the building indicates noncompliance with federal laws regulating handling of people with disabilities.

Legal Concept. Disability discrimination refers to maltreatment of person with disabilities. Mental or physical disability should not diminish a person’s right to participate in social activities. Mental or physical disability does not imply inability. In this regard, disabled people should not be discriminated on the basis of their mental or physical conditions.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities often get discriminated at the workplace, during recruitment for employment opportunities, educational opportunities, provision of public transport services and healthcare services as well as housing and access to public or institutional buildings (O’Brien, 2010).In this scenario, the student suffered from discriminative effects of traditional architecture which made the building inaccessible for persons with physical disabilities.In my opinion, the administrators of the State College should be sued for the failure to modify the building in accordance to the provisions of Titles I and V of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Analysis of the Scenario. In my opinion, the building should be modified because it is not listed as a historic site or building by the federal government. Furthermore, the federal government provides standards and guidelines for modification of historic buildings and other related structures under the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. The State College is, thus, obliged to modify the building in accordance to such provisions so as to make it accessible to all students regardless of their physical impairments.

As per the requirements of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the employers are required to accommodate the disabilities of their employees (Switzer, 2009). In this scenario, the State College had the sole responsibility to accommodate the disabilities of its students.Additionally, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act enforces individuals who have been discriminated based on their disabilities to file law suits and complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the further legal assistance.

On the other hand, Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act postulates miscellaneous provisions on construction of buildings and ways of eliminating architectural and transportation barriers that would inhibit persons with disabilities from accessing housing and transport services.Furthermore, the employers are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide supportive environment that would facilitate movement of persons with disabilities. The management of the State College should, thus make necessary changes within the building to enhance movement of disabled students, for example, the administrator should fix ramps and pathways to enable disabled students to use wheelchairs within the building. This would increase their access to educational opportunities and ease the learning process in general.


I would conclude that the society has been unreasonably discriminating persons with disabilities for no good reason. The rights and freedoms of a person with disabilities have been infringed and violated in one way or the other on baseless reasons. It is important for the Government and the public in general to ensure that persons with disabilities are not disadvantaged socially or economically in the society. Learning institutions such as schools, colleges and universities should also prevent any form of discrimination towards people with disabilities.Continued discriminations or unfair treatments of persons with disabilities often deny disabled people opportunities for personal developments, social and economic growth as well as educationally.The Government should provide clear mandates requiring all learning institutions to completely eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities.The federal government should also ensure that the laws against discrimination are fully implemented and complied with in order to provide adequate protection to person with disabilities.

Last but not least, unfavorable treatment of persons with disabilities should be highly condemned and severely punished by the law. Adequate protection should also be provided to such persons by the federal government, human rights organization and the society at large.

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