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The title of the book is, And Then There Was None. The book presents mysterious situations that occur with various characters. Each character is represented not only by their reflective thoughts of their pasts, but represents mysterious future with their more or less similar journeys. However, none of the characters may be considered clean in terms of their pasts, and still holds a lot of uncertainty for their future missions. All journeys head to Sticklehaven and IndianIsland, but each of the characters’ thought lives us with much suspense of who is murderous in mind. There’s no clear picture of who would be the lead killer in their separate missions. In other words, the author has made no specific character a potential murderer in the beginning of the story. Furthermore, as the characters reflect their thoughts, it is apparent that non of them knows exactly their mission for the journey, none knows the mission for the job they have been hired to do, thus their jobs and even the employers are mysterious people they have never met or they imagine they had encountered several years back.

The author reflects the title of the book further when he narrates how Vera, one of the main characters finds her room with some memorable nursery rhyme. This reminded her of what the rhyme talked about- how ‘Ten Little Indians’ got killed one by one through different approaches, until none of them was left alive. This kind of analogy could be representing the author’s thought of the character’s lack of guilt all through the story. It can also suggest that none of the characters was innocent either.

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The book is a somewhat insightful piece of art that has shown how human being’s mind can be difficult to read. In the first chapter, the author has introduced us to each character’s deep inner thought, which is hard to tell whether murderous or not. The other clear message in this book is that no one is clean. The author clearly uses death to illustrate how each person, in one way or the other, has committed some sins against humanity. It is important therefore to note that humanity as a whole has a question to answer as individuals are made to believe that their planned meeting is a trick to make them confess their sins, at least in the perspective of the author. They expressly get shocked when a strange voice emerges, pointing out their sins one by one, albeit with a lot of accuracy in time, place and the victim.

The author has just reminded us that those who denies the allegations and profess innocence most are the ones who are guilty. The most critical point in the story is that all these characters reflect crime with impunity, a characteristic of those who are in higher social hierarchy. It is clear that denial of a crime committed can only be done superficially, but inward guilt can burst someone’s innocence just like it was reflected in various characters. It is also apparent that no one can be trusted, as long as individuals are made to superficially believe that they are innocent in the eyes of justice.

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