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Free Example of Art Essay

Art is one kind of human activities, skills, creations and expressions that helps to attract an individual through stimulating human senses and mind by transmitting emotions and ideas. The art is also a quality that helps to make anything different and attractive. Art reflects the human imaginations and creativity, which is the parts of reality and an artist, recreates reality. The Nobel Prize winning author Faulkner (2002) noted that “the writer’s only responsibility is to his art”. Since a writer can influence the society, community, humanity, the economic, political, social, cultural and religious or philosophical conditions, this study does not agree with this statement. From our early age we acquire our knowledge from society, environments, family, friends and books (stories, novels, poets and so on). Books are written by the writer who writes his or her observations about our economic, political, social, cultural and religious or philosophical conditions, his or her thoughts and views about the written the topics in the books. Since books are influential matters in case of our views, mind and philosophy creation, besides his or her art a writer must have to fulfil the various responsibilities to the society and community. Some times a writer may be an idol of human being. He or she wants to think as like his or her model writer. Since a writer is an intellectual person for the society, writer must have to be responsible about what will be helpful for society and how the society will be benefited. “Stephen King says, ‘Good writing is often about letting go of fear and affection.’ The key words are ‘letting go’. He continues that the writer will find himself by recognizing that writing is found in what you really love to read” (Fisher 2006). A film artist is also an influential factor of the society. Some times people want to be like their favourite male or female actors who act in the film as various characters. The writer writes the story of the film, hence the film artist and the film writer must be responsible for the society development. Acting is one of the important medium of communication and with the help of it an actor can express his or her fallings and emotions, actual and original situations about the facts. A film is an arrangement of various acting and it also a combination thereof. A film means a story and it helps to influence the audiences in various ways. That’s why this study is disagreeing with this statement.

From this analysis, this study makes a list of writer’s responsibility

  • To write novel, story, and so on as like time requirement or demand of time;
  • To improve, develop and increase the society, community and people of the society’s values, culture, traditions and philosophy;
  • To write as well as he or she can, as clearly as he or she can, and as honestly as he or she can;
  • To observe deeply the economic, political, social, cultural and religious or philosophical conditions and situations of the community, society or country;
  • To facilities the society and people of the society through supplying various types of information related of our life;
  • To supply speed, sprite, awareness, instructions and courage during any important time such as liberation war;
  • To supply new knowledge on new subjects, environments, events, imaginations and philosophy, thought and views of writer;
  • To analysis the effect of his or her written books, compare it with what he or she expected from that books and want was the objectives of that books; and
  • To maintain various types of welfare activities towards the society such as donation to charitable institutions.
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