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1. The Future of … Composting


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This is a video post on recycling theme by Sumi Das, a SmartPlanet correspondent. She starts noting that 30 years ago, recycling was just gaining momentum. It is said that the average American tosses about 100 pounds in a year on food and only less than 5% are getting composted. But as composting is catching on, many of the items thrown in the dustbin can be composted. As an example, we can take pasta that comes in compostable bags, water bottles, DELL packaging bags and diapers made from PLA plastic that are derived from plants. Cars with biodegradable materials that do not use petroleum are also biodegradable. The author signs that before we are going to toss our trash, we ought to look if it is compostable or not and only then throw it away.

2. Steve Jobs: Thinking through his CEO Legacy


The author, Larry Dignan, that is writing in the ZDnet column, thinks that the greatest moments were when Steve Jobs was as the CEO of Apple.  This piece was written after Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple. Dignan starts saying that Jobs is defined by his four famous inventions: the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. The author describes Jobs in two ways: the computer wizard and the person who helped to create the iPad from his iPhone and iPod. Dignan considers that it’s the Apple and Pixar that defines his legacy. He argues that with the iPad, Jobs was able to reinvent mobile phones. The author poses a rhetorical question on whether Steve Jobs management style will find a true successor, or it will be installed via an Apple for other successors to use.

3. Google+: The Right Service at the Right Time


This review is done by Woody Leonhard who argues that Google+ has the great potential to turn omnipresent. He starts with review of Google’s ability to create and cooperate with web standards quoting another blogger calling Google+ “…start of a commodity social layer.” This can be seen from the enormous number of people signing into Google+. He argues that unlike Facebook with its security issues, users of Google+ have control on what others can view and thus leveraging on few security concerns. Although out for a few weeks, the author argues that Google hit out of the park with Google+.

4. Amazon Tests Website Redesign


This is a report on the Wallstreet Journal that details on how retail giant Amazon will launch a new and improved version of its popular website. This will mean that the company will overhaul its design to make it more attractive. A small number of users who have granted access to the new design say that navigation has been made a lot easier. Moreover, the site is said to be less cluttered with few buttons and a bigger search box. There are also rumors that Amazon is going to present a new tablet computer soon but with a suggestion of reducing its tablet prices to lower entry barriers. 

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